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    Smile Grinch! Smile and the world smiles with you. Louis Armstrong I started a tradition some years back, during our mini holiday bootcamp I would dress from head to toe with holiday festive wear every day! At first, I did it because “I” loved it. Now I do it because I see how much it’s needed and how a friend, a client or a stranger’s mood changes almost instantly when they see me. I love to see people reactions because even if they are a Grinch or in a Grinch kind of mood, when they see a happy person, all lit up and smiling they can’t help but smile a little even if it’s only on the inside. For those living under a rock, the Grinch ....

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  • I’m not claiming that!

    I’m not claiming that!

    I’m not claiming that! I often hear people say“I’m notclaiming that”, as if, if they don’t claim whatever the situation is then it will go away. News flash…whether you claim it or not, it has claimed you! These words come up especially when I am discussing lab or test results with clients or when I am taking their vital signs. I have been tracking blood pressure results fora number ofreasons, more often when giving an IV therapy treatment and at the request of my clients. I have been seeing readings of people that are at Stage 2 Hypertension (above 160) or in Hypertensive Crisis (above 180).I have discussed with people their ....

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    November 11, 2022 "Don't Get Stuck on Labels" This week two clients asked me if two items were healthy to eat after they had finished them. They said, they were drawn by the taste and the marketing of the product, "Plant-based" and the other package stated that it only had 4 ingredients, the marketing was so enticing that they didn't read the nutritional facts. If they had they would have noticed that the soup had 1,100 mg of sodium and the coconut chips had 39g of saturated fat as well as 41% of the recommended daily intake for sugar. With our nation on the brink of a health crisis people are becoming more health conscious. This is a good thing - people are making ....

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  • Stay Ready for Something New

    Stay Ready for Something New

    November 4, 2022 "Stay Ready for Something New" Two mantras that I live by are “Do one thing new every day that scares you”- Eleanor Roosevelt and “Stay ready”!Trying new things, no matter how frightened you might be at the thought of it, motivates you go and be less afraid of new things and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I have a client 68 year old client Cindra and has participated in several bootcamps over the years and survived colon cancer.She was asked to join a modeling competition for older women. What she did not realize was it was a full-fledged pageant contest.She had never competed in this capacity and frankly was not quite ....

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  • "Get Better With Practice"

    "Get Better With Practice"

    October 28, 2022 "Get Better With Practice" I often hear, “You make it look so easy”. In my head I say, “They didn’t see how long and hard I had to practice!” If you’re trying to get better at something, just making your body tired isn’t going to help you do that. You need to break the skill down into smaller parts and learn by practicing. This week a client in boxed me after her Runday Monday and said. Tasha! OMG, I’m amazed at how the run got better, it seemed impossible back in August. Now I can run longer, breathing better, and more energy. (It’s still not easy) let’s be clear! LOL Makes me ....

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    Have you ever saved someone’s life? If you were placed in an life or death situation, would you have the knowledge or the skill to help? Would you have the confidence? Or would you run and hide? Just 2 years ago Linda decided to take CPR because her daughters were pregnant with her first grandchildren. She heard a story I shared during bootcamp about a grandmother who took CPR for the same reason and 18 months from taking CPR, her grandchild choked on a penny. The mother of the child was screaming hysterically, and the grandmother remained calm and saved her grandchild’s life. Just yesterday Linda’s decision to learn CPR at Tadda’s Fitness made her a real-life ....

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    October 14, 2022 “Good Vibrations ONLY!" As an emergency medicine RN, a trauma nurse, I’m trained to be highly observant of people’s behavior and our surroundings and during this first week of Bootcamp I witnessed positive energy draw two strangers together. At the beginning of the indoor workout, Zon, who is a longtime member of TFC is 62, on the red team and has won Most Fit 4 times, has been gone for a while. She rejoined this Bootcamp. The last time she was here Kerry, was on the green team across the room. Kerry with a leg injury and all has been promoted to the orange team. As the workout began Zon was quite far from Kerry. As the workout became more ....

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    September 25, 2022 “Dear Body” This week a client shared part of her journal with me. This is what she wrote: Dear Body, First and foremost, I am sorry that I mistreated you. It was never my intention to cause harm, set you up for diseases/ injury,burden you with extra weight, fat, stress and pain. I never meant to hurt you. For so many years I ate, drinked and enjoyed the option of eating whatever I wanted: fast food, fried and greasy food, and so many other non-nutritional things. I have learned my lesson and I promise to treat you better. As you may have noticed, I am eating foods that are better for you, have nutritional value, and will aid in ....

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    Why do we reward ourselves with abuse instead of rewarding ourselves with care. We were programmed as kids that rewards come in the form of unhealthy treats or habits. We are taught that if we do good, we get bad treats. “If you act good while I’m gone, mommy will take you to get some ice cream.” If you get all A’s & B’s on your report card daddy will take you to McDonald’s. In many cases they get these things anyway because most families don’t cook at home as much as they did before, so is it really a treat? And shouldn’t they do these things anyway? So, why not treat kids with; I will take you to the park, skating, or bike ....

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    Can I share a secret with you? I live in the sun…. It’s my happy place. The beach, pool, riding my bike on the beltline, Run day Monday’s and let’s not forget our Thursday circuit training workouts. I’m also a pescatarian, I eat lots of tuna, salmon etc., yet I suffer from vitamin D deficiency. My lowest level was 17ng/ml, I felt weak, sad and I was getting more injuries. My doctor placed me on 50,000IU pills and after taking them as prescribed my levels only went up to 33ng/ml. It wasn’t until I started to give myself the vitamin D3 injections that my levels became therapeutic, above and around 60 ng/ml and I was truly back to a happier state of ....

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