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  • It’s Time to “Turn

    It’s Time to “Turn

    I want to thank each and everyone of you all for participating in my 50 th birthday bounce back bootcamp. When I was a little girl, I used to think the age 50 was so old. This was my state of mind. The years have flown by and now I am officially 50. I could not imagine being any other age. I feel like one of the luckiest girls alive to able to see fifty blessed years, I am healthy, happy, I have peace, love and joy in all aspects of my life. For many the countdown begins and soon we no longer belong to the 30 something age group. While some may dread crossing the 40 and especially the 50 thresholds, I greeted this milestone with anticipation and open arms. While you cannot turn ....

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  • It’s Time to Take your HEALTH serious!

    It’s Time to Take your HEALTH serious!

    I felt like several people were trying to April Fool me this week, but come to find out they were dead serious. All I can say is, it is TIME to take your health seriously before TIME runs out for you. As I was going over a client’s Fit3D scan I asked her if she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. She quickly answered No! As I continued going over her scan, I asked her how much water she drinks in a day, she stated I do not drink a lot because my “water pill” makes me go to the bathroom too much. Some people forget I am a registered nurse of 26 years. I asked why she was on a water pill? She said just to get the extra fluid off (first, no ....

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  • Why don’t you trust your trainer

    Why don’t you trust your trainer

    It’s in our nature to bargain shop or to want to DIY. Why pay full price when you can score a discount or find a YouTube video and do it yourself, right? I don’t disagree with this mentality when it comes to getting a deal on some shoes, starting a small garden, or getting some decorating ideas. However, there are certain instances when choosing the rock bottom price or when DIY’s can really cost you not only extra money and time but possibly even your life. I find that when it comes to fitness many people come up with their own idea of how they can lose weight quickly, based on someone they follow on social media. The person they follow is a friend who ....

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  • Your Posture Matters

    Your Posture Matters

    Congrats on making it to the midpoint of my 50 th Birthday Bounce Back Bootcamp. I hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as I am celebrating it. Speaking of our bounce back journey, I can’t get over these week 3 results. I am wowed! The weight loss and lean muscle gains are amazing, but I must give a shout out to one of my older clients whose posture has improved.She didn’t even realize how poor her posture was when she started the bootcamp but check out these impressive results in just 3 weeks.She not only lost weight and feels better, she has also improved her quality of life greatly. Don’t believe me? See why your posture matters. ....

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  • My Birthday Advice

    My Birthday Advice

    I never know what I am going to write for the newsletters until I sit down at the computer. I often think about conversations I’ve had with my family, friends, or clients and draw inspiration from there for the newsletter. March 8th I celebrated my 50th birthday and during Bootcamp this week we kicked off my birthday celebration TFC style. We dressed up in 70s attire, we laughed and danced for the birthday chick, and after I wiped my last tear of joy a dear client shared something with me that resonated in my soul. This client has been with me for 5 years said, “You have more years behind you than you do before you so live every day in happiness and with a purpose” I ....

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  • This is 50!!!!!

    This is 50!!!!!

    Welcome to my 50th Birthday Bounce Back Bootcamp! The number 50 couldn’t be more perfect to represent my present state of mind, position in life and prayer for all my clients. As I walked back into the gym on day one of this epic 50th Birthday Bootcamp, I felt a vibe in the air that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. It felt like the old school TFC. Although we are social distancing, I could physically feel the hugs that I used to give and receive daily. I saw the genuine care and concern for others as people were doing their PT tests, getting their body scans, adjusting to my return to the stage and the first workout or encouraging one another to keep ....

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  • “Quick Fix” Syndrome

    Can I get it, Get it, Get it? Today is another day to get better. Often when we are focusing on improvement, we start EXTREMELY motivated. We don’t miss workouts, we eat clean, and we do all the right things to ensure success. Progress is going well, we’re doing awesome. Then suddenly… That initial energy and enthusiasm fizzle out. Usually, we are SO focused on the outcome and end result that we get frustrated all together when we don’t reach our goal immediately, no matter the amount of progress nor the number of successes we’ve achieved. More often than not, we would all LOVE overnight results. I call this ....

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  • Age Healthier & Live Happier

    Age Healthier & Live Happier

    TFC has done it again. Were bringing a new wellness service to TFC for men and women. Introducing BioTe!! BioTe , pellets are an excellent option for hormone replacement therapy, with little to no side effects. Utilizing the same chemical structure as your own hormones BioTe’spellets absorb into your body easily. Dr. Monica & I are not only a BioTe providers, we are patients as well. I suffered from hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, trouble sleeping and more. I am almost 4 weeks into my treatment and my hot flashes stopped immediately. I was so grateful for that! My concentration is improving and I am not forgetting things as much. My energy ....

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  • Stop sabotaging your diet on the weekend!

    January 29, 2021 “Stop sabotaging your diet on the weekend” Are you the type of person that lives for the weekend? You wake up Friday morning screaming TGIF! You exercise so hard and eat healthy all week and once the weekend comes your hard work all goes out the window? Well this article is just for you. After a hard week at work, most of us are keen to spend our weekend relaxing and indulging in the things we love because we say,” I deserve this” and we seem to treat ourselves with our favorite food and snacks. However it is no surprise that a weekend of bingeing can have disastrous effects on our attempts to lose weight. But whilst we ....

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  • Normalize I’m willing to work on it” instead of “that’s just how I am"

    Normalize I’m willing to work on it” instead of “that’s just how I am"

    Hello All, I have returned to Tadda’s Fitness post-surgery, I am still recovering so I am not working out. However I stay busy providing all of our wellness services to our clients; IV therapy, Vitamin B12 injections, Blood type testing, and cholesterol testing to name a few. I am also consulting with clients about their blood lab work, body scans and meal planning. These are a few of the comment’s clients have shared with me: As I was performing an A1c (diabetic) test on a client, she starts to pre-warn me as the timer is counting down to the results that “it’s going to be high, that’s just how I am”. I asked her when she was diagnosed with ....

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