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Reclaim Your Time

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Reclaim Your Time

No matter your race, age or gender there is one thing that we all have the equal amount of and that is TIME! The only thing bad about time is that time waits for no one. There isn’t a handbook or class to teach you how to use each second, minute or hour. You have to learn how to manage it from birth to death. Some people will master managing their time, while many others will struggle with it throughout life.

How you use your time and I use mine is strictly up to each of us. No one way is right or wrong as long as it suits one’s lifestyle and their priorities are being met.

What do your Genetics predict?

Just think about this. No one can really know how much time they have left to live, though some have a better idea than others, such as the terminally ill, those about to attempt suicide, or those who are awaiting the electric chair. The rest of us, if we don’t ignore the ticking clock, may from time to time do a little best-case scenario calculation. At times I have. I look at both my grandmothers my paternal grandma is 94 and my maternal granny is 97. I am 48 now, so I have at best another 45 years of life of reasonable quality if I continue to take care of my health. However, on the other hand, there is a chance I have fewer years given that both my grandfathers died in their 50’s and 60’s from a stroke and liver failure. Genetics and family history play a big role in the quality and quantity of one’s life. It’s up to us to know and break family cycles that may cause early death or a life of discomfort. Making health a priority will be one of your best decisions and healthy activities will be some of your best time spent.

Who is stealing your Time?

The truth is, there are time robbers out there everywhere, especially when you are trying to improve yourself. On the job, in school, in your home or family, or your own procrastination. Mostly, we allow others to steal our time. Life is shortened by allowing others to eat away at our precious hours as if they were nothing to us or were replaceable. We wouldn’t let others walk off with our material possessions, but when it comes to our minutes, hours or even days it’s a different matter. We must recognize these robbers and put a stop to the theft.

What is stealing your time?

In our microwave society the need to know and to have everything quick fast and in a hurry has created addictions to devices. Our cell phones are the biggest culprit of stealing time. Don’t believe me, just go to a restaurant, ride in a car with a group of people or sit in an airport and look around. In any one of these scenarios, you will see the entire room on their phones being robbed of quality time with loved ones.

Reclaim your time!

Reclaiming your time can be as simple as saying NO to other people’s request of your time, making YOU a priority daily and understanding that your time’s as important as the next person’s. Everyone on earth has the same 24 hours. You will realize the projects/hobbies that you can spend your time on that will help you reclaim you and those things that waste your time and drain you. It’s up to you how you fill your days and time on earth! Do you want to spend it being stressed, upset, frustrated, or fill it with abundance, happiness, and joy? You have the choice.

I choose to make fitness a part of my daily regimen. I’ve realized how fitness keeps me happy, makes my body stronger and my mind clearer. I realized I’m the only person that can do that for me and that’s why I choose to make time for it.

Some people may have to do some soul searching on what should be a priority in their life. Maybe you don’t even have to search. Maybe you just have to decide. Decide on a direction you want to head and just start walking. Who knows, you may already have all the answers you need inside you. Once you define your priority, put it down on paper and make it your affirmation, then you’ll know exactly where to spend your time. This will ensure that it doesn’t get stolen from you ever again. No Mess

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