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Protect Your Peace

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Protect Your Peace

Peace…It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -Author Unknown

This week I experienced a huge revelation and it came in a form of a young man I was interviewing. Before I get to that part of the story there were several things that led up to him. Four different clients confided in me how they really didn’t want to come workout. One stated “my husband has cancer and has been in a lot of pain, many nights we’re up all night” and “although I love working out I have been exhausted however every time I feel that way I still muster up the energy and come in for the workout” and finally and most importantly “before I leave I feel energized and happier”. She said, “TFC is my happy place”. Another client has a similar situation, she says her spirits have been low and just when she wants to talk herself out of working out something tells her to just go. She now truly believes in the power of releasing the mighty endorphins through exercise.

Lately I have been so busy, I am not getting at much sleep as I normally do. I find myself getting into arguments and feeling stressed. So, getting back to the young man I interviewed. On Thursday I met with and participated in the trial yoga class with the new male yoga instructor Stephon (as part of the interview process) … He was amazing! As I partook in the class I started to feel extremely relaxed. At one point he stated, “Surrender to the uncomfortable”. I then relaxed the tensed areas of my body. At the end of class while lying on our backs he stated, “bring you left hand over your heart, then your right hand over your heart, now take a deep breath, this is a symbolization of PROTECTING YOUR PEACE”. I instantly realized that one of the greatest deterrents to being fruitful is the lack of peace in my life. We are in such a rush to accomplish our goals that we don’t stop to consider the environment of our minds and souls while we build the legacy that we want to leave. Many of us lack peace in our lives and are either afraid to admit it or have no idea how to manifest it. If you don’t have your peace then you are not only soul thirsty but you’re opening your mind, body and spirit to being torn apart.

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. -Dalai Lama

Recognize the things you can control; guard your peace. The world will continue to turn and spiral; protect your peace. People will enter . . . come and go; be at peace. So how do you protect your peace and refresh your soul?

▪ Get quiet- I find that when I get still and quiet, I can hear my faults or challenges, listen to the lesson being taught and start to understand this season of my life.

▪ Practice Yoga– For me yoga is a way of connecting the mind with the body and the soul. Yoga goes deeper than the physical practice.

▪ Know your triggers– Start to learn what sets off lack of peace, fear, worry or anxiety in your life. If one of your triggers is getting into arguments with people who don’t think like you then make a decision to walk away from those conversations. If scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to others is a trigger, then log off for a bit. Get to know what triggers you and develop a strategy to combat those triggers.

▪ Try some CBD Oil– Depression Detox or the regular maintenance dose- try this natural way to help to ease your mind.

▪ Go to your Happy Place– If you’re in an environment that steals your peace then don’t be afraid to take a break from it. Everyone has a happy place, whether it is sitting in a park, going to work out, reading a book on your porch, spending time at the beach or going to your home town, college etc. Go to that place and quench your thirsty soul. Whenever I am upset, nervous, scared, anxious or can’t sleep I repeat out loud “Peace be still” and almost immediately I feel a sense of relief.

Keep building the space you want to live in. Be at peace with your present, past and future. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Don’t let everything and everybody affect you. Get healthy, be happy and live your best life. Protect your peace at all cost… I know you’re worth it. No Mess!

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