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Take A Look At Yourself

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Take A Look At Yourself

As we enter the midpoint of the bootcamp, midpoint of the year, midpoint of your life, Self-Reflection is POWERFUL!

If I had to choose only one tip to give someone wanting to develop themselves and become better at whatever they are doing, would be to practice a lot of self-reflection. I love this quote by Thomas Paine. “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection.” Too many people are rushing through life, sprinting to the finish line running after big goals and not taking the time to enjoy the journey and reflect along the way.

Yesterday I filmed for 2 hours. I went all prepared to tell my story, about how I started Tadda’s Fitness, because I tell that story all the time. Boy was I in for a huge shock. The questions started with MY beginning, about my parents and my childhood. I truly had to pause and speak cautiously. The interviewers took me out of my comfort zone, yet I felt comfortable enough to share. I literally had to do some self-reflecting at a moment’s notice. After the shock of it all, the self-reflection was therapeutic. I left feeling like a bird just learning to fly, seeing the world from new angles and feeling the ultimate emotion of being free.

The act of self-reflection is an advanced form of mental gymnastics where you analyze yourself: your thoughts and what drives them, your position in life, your aspirations, your wants and needs, your flaws and your fears, your skills and your achievements. Self-reflection is looking into your soul like you look at yourself in a mirror, with a critical eye, checking flaws, strengths, things that bring you pride, joy or even sadness. Self-reflection may help you attain greater motivation or identify your goals. It can make you feel content and calm you down. It can assist in organization and planning and be the action that starts a major change in your life. It can free your mind!

As you look over these last three weeks of bootcamp ask yourself these questions.

Am I giving the best version of me?

Am I mental and physically present?

What are my flaws/vices? Which of them can I correct?

Am I holding anything back? If so why?

What workouts do I enjoy doing?

What are my weaknesses? Am I practicing at home to improve on my weaknesses?

What areas do I need to improve upon?

Am I treating my body properly?

Am I aware of how proper bodily treatment influences the mind?

Am I passively thinking negative thoughts?

There are literally an infinite amount of questions you can ask yourself. These questions should inspire you to reflect deeply, identify areas that need change and improve upon them. As you reflect more, you will delve deeper into your motivations. Your end-goal with self-reflection is to paint a complete and clear picture of yourself. Like it, love it or hate it, it is you! When you are feeling down remember your positive aspects and push through. Conversely, when you’re feeling great, use the high to focus on and improve weaknesses. The bottom line is being aware of yourself; your intentions and goals are probably one of the most important habits you can implement to be truly happy and to be No Mess!

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