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“Fitness is my Retirement Plan”

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“Fitness is my Retirement Plan”

June 29, 2024 “Fitness is my Retirement Plan” 


Planning for your retirement is a thing. When thinking about your retirement, what are your first thoughts? For most people financial security is one of their first thoughts. But let me share a quick story that highlights an often-overlooked aspect: Health.


Last week I was speaking with one of our trainers and he didn’t sound so great. “I asked was everything okay?” He recounted how a friend had retired at the young age of 46 after a successful career. He said, “I was so proud of him because how many people can truly say they are set up financially at 46 to be able to retire.” He went on to tell me that this gentleman had just bought his dream home, shared travel plans and talked about taking the time to work out. He also shared that he had informed his friend about joining Tadda’s Fitness during Men’s Health Awareness month for the free classes and FIT3d body scan. Well just 4 days after retiring the gentleman passed away. You see, he had worked a lot and wasn’t in the best of health. Despite excellent financial planning, he neglected his health.


This story reminded me of a conversation I had with Mylene at the end of the last bootcamp. She boldly stated, “Fitness is my retirement plan and Tadda’s Fitness is my investment.” 


Regardless of your retirement age, consider this: Will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, or will someone else reap YOUR financial benefits? Let’s normalize treating a fitness retirement plan as seriously as we do financial planning. 


Here’s how fitness retirement planning impacts your health:


-Increased longevity: A healthy lifestyle contributes to a longer life expectancy.


-Improved quality of life: Regular exercise and healthy habits enhance your physical and mental well-being, making daily activities easier and more enjoyable.


-Reduced healthcare costs: Preventive care and healthy habits lower your risk of chronic diseases, resulting in fewer medical expenses.


-Enhanced cognitive function: Exercise and social engagement help maintain cognitive health and reduce the risk of dementia.


-Better management of chronic conditions: Proactive planning can control conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or arthritis.


-Increased independence: Maintaining physical strength and mobility can help you remain independent and self-sufficient.


-Improved mental health: Regular exercise, social connection, and stress management can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.


-Healthier aging: Prioritizing your health leads to aging gracefully, better quality of life and reduced risk of age-related diseases.


-Role modeling for loved ones: Setting a positive example encourages loved ones to prioritize their health.


-Increased energy and vitality: A healthy lifestyle can give you the energy and enthusiasm to pursue your passions and enjoy life to the fullest.


Remember, investing in your health is an investment in a brighter, healthier future. 

Bottom line…Money with bad health is the ultimate backwards hustle! No Mess 


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