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"Mama Used to Say"

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"Mama Used to Say"

May 11, 2024 “Mama Used to Say”


Happy No Mess Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers to be, that are and those that were. You are the anchor to the world. Out of both genders God created, He chose Women to bring life into the world. What an honor to know you were born beautiful, strong, and capable of accomplishing anything you set out to do.

I recently heard a song I hadn’t heard in years by the artist Junior. As a kid I never really listened to the lyrics, but the music always did something to my soul. The chorus is what I want to focus on.


“Mama used to say, take your time young man, don’t you rush to get old, take it in your stride, live your life.

These lyrics as an adult resonate with me and I want to share how they relate to health and fitness.


-Mama Used to Say… Phrases shared of wisdom and advice, offering comfort and reassurance, and providing perspective and insight. Often passing down family traditions or cultural heritage. My mom has imparted so much wisdom to me my entire life, that I have passed on this wisdom through my writings or speeches. Many times, it is not until we are adults that we truly understand the lessons our moms were teaching us.

-Take your time young man… When it comes to health and fitness, we are so impatient that we want results like yesterday. We are often willing to do extreme things to get the weight off quickly. However, when we press it and it is not time, we may cause more harm than good, like injury or sickness. Aim for consistency. Long term progress not quick fixes. Be patient and allow time for recovery, growth, and adaptation. Remember fitness is a journey, not a race. Taking your time leads to safe, more effective, and sustainable progress.

-Don’t you rush to get old…Urges us to appreciate our age, where we are in life and not to rush into dangerous situations. This statement encourages us to slow down, love ourselves and appreciate the present moment, even in times of failure. We all know time is the most arrogant assumption so celebrate the past, enjoy the now and prepare for the future.

--Take it in your stride… I often tell my runners, “Your race, your pace.” Don’t compare your fitness journey with anyone else. Deal with each challenge or obstacle with grace and poise. Move forward with a positive attitude.

-Live your life… I am big on living my life to the fullest and not just to exist. Not letting anyone define my path. Embracing challenges and learning from them. I plan to make the most of my time here on earth, pursuing my passions and interests with purpose and joy. To be true to myself and to live authentically. I take ownership and responsibility for my choices and actions. I embrace my individuality and celebrate my uniqueness. Promise yourself to make every moment count and to cherish every experience.


In essence, the song promotes a mindful and thoughtful approach to life, love, and relationships, cautioning against reckless or impulsive decisions. The phrase has since become a popular saying, often used to remind us to slow down, be patient, and prioritize wisdom in our actions. Mama used to say is a call to action to live life that is meaningful, purposeful, and true to who you are! And that is No Mess.


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