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“Are you Excursion Ready?”

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“Are you Excursion Ready?”

April 26, 2024 “Are you Excursion Ready?”


We often hear of being “Summertime Fine, Beach Body Ready or Swimsuit Ready” those are all great goals however are you also Excursion Ready? 


I just returned from my amazing trip to Tulum, but I must tell you, being in good health mentally and physically made my trip even more amazing. 



The beach is truly one of my happy places. However, walking, let alone running on the sand can be very tasking on your body and your endurance. If your balance or stability is off it can seem impossible for some. Can you imagine using a walker or cane on sand?


I love being in the ocean. But for many just trying to stand in the water with the forceful waves and a weak core can make for a tiring day on the beach instead of something fun and relaxing. 


This is why I emphasize core strengthening in my workouts and conversations with my clients, in addition to working on their balance and stability. Trampoline, Bosu Ball or Stability Ball classes will also help to improve your balance and stability.



From hiking and backpacking to rock climbing and rafting, being in shape for any outdoor adventure is critical. 


My simplest activity while on vacation started with a morning mini hike through the jungle to do yoga in the most breathtaking scenery. However, some of the other participants were out of breath by the time we reached this point, before the yoga even started. I thanked God I learned the importance of breathing properly. This helped with my pacing through the jungle and in my yoga practice. We offer yoga every Monday & Wednesday at 7:15pm.


My next adventure led me to the Mayan Ruins, where although it was on flat land it was extremely hot, no shade, and you walk over lots and lots of rocks. So, hydration was a big factor for many people and having endurance along with coordination over rocks was super important. I thank God I do a lot of stability training and drinking plenty of water is just part of my DNA. 


My next excursion was to Xplor adventure water park. This park is so big it would take at least 2 days to experience the entire park. So, you walk for hours in watery areas where you always must be mindful of slipping and falling. 


I started off rafting in the cave. This took a lot of arm and upper body work because they gave you hand paddles to move your raft. I thanked God for my upper body strength, practicing my pull ups as well as my push-ups was a key game changer for me. This poor woman was so frustrated because her raft kept turning backwards and she caused the line to back up, requiring one of the employees to jump in to push the line along, her husband was so embarrassed that he kept apologizing for her lack of strength.


My next excursion was zip lining. I did the highest course which requires you to climb an excessive number of stairs and ramps. I passed so many groups because a lot of people had to take breaks in the stairwells or on the ramps. A medical team was even assisting someone along the way. Thank God for my Runday Mondays and that I always run my hills. They just couldn’t understand how I was smiling, laughing and excited for the next climbing and zip line adventure. 


Lastly, I went to the most amazing restaurant called Azulik, it was mind-blowingly beautiful. It had so many twists, turns, nets overlooking the jungle and secure but wobbly long bridges. The nets were fun to chill but don’t be afraid of heights and go with the expectation of not knowing what’s coming next. 


All and all many people get “Summertime Fine” the wrong way, like taking diet pills, getting medical weight loss shots, take untraditional pills, teas for quick weight loss or have a medical procedure or cosmetic surgery to look good exteriorly but don’t do anything to improve their insides. My point is, it’s great to look good on the beach if you just want to lay there. It’s super dope when you can look good on the beach and you’re able enjoy all the culture and unique experiences the country has to offer. I mean we can sit on a beach or by a pool at home but get in shape to enjoy life’s excursions! No Mess 




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