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“Are You ready to get Promoted?”

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“Are You ready to get Promoted?”

April 19, 2024 “Are you ready to get promoted?” 



I heard a great inspirational clip on social media this week and it made me think of how it relates to my clients when it comes to health & fitness. 


An individual had been at a job for 25 years while another person had only been at the job for 2 years. The person of only 2 years received the promotion the person of 25 years had been wanting but kept getting overlooked. 


The 25-year employee went to their boss enraged, screaming, “How is it that this person that’s only been here for 2 years got the promotion over me and I’m the one that trained him to do this job”. 


The boss simply stated, they have more experience than you. Confused, the person of 25 years said how is that possible when I’ve been doing this same job for 25 years. 


The boss said that’s correct, you’ve done the exact same job for 25 years so basically you have 1 skill that you have been doing for 25 years. Let that sink in! 


Whereas the 2-year employee did the job you trained them for plus all the programs and certifications offered through this company.  They also attended the extra training required for advancement and put in overtime and that is why they deserve the promotion over you. 


I have many clients doing bootcamp, classes, personal training and/or open gym. They often compare themselves to each other or someone else on social media. However, before you compare yourself, ask yourself these questions. 


-Am I giving 110% in my workouts?

-Am I practicing my weaknesses?

-Am I doing extra classes? 

-Am I putting in extra cardio? 

-Am I eating clean?

-Am I hydrating according to “my” weight? 

-Am I grinding more than I complain? 

-Am I increasing my weights? 


If you’re still doing the exact same things, eating unhealthily, never trying other health and fitness offerings, never giving 100% and have the mentally well at least I showed up; You should expect to keep getting the same results. And in the meantime, others around you will be getting promoted. 


Quick example of a promotion achieved by going that extra mile. The Taurus Twins. For years they would only come into TFC on a Saturday, do one class that week and expected amazing results. It wasn’t until they joined the bootcamp, started eating healthy, running, strength and core training that they started to see real results. I’m so proud of the Taurus Twins, they both not only impressed me by getting promoted to the next teams, but they impressed themselves. 


Are you ready to get promoted? Our next bootcamp starts Monday April 29th. You can start getting your scans next week April 24th - 27th. Please bring in your most recent blood lab work or be prepared to get it done at TFC. Health is Wealth. Health is Promotion. No Mess 

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