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"Make room for your Gifts!"

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"Make room for your Gifts!"

March 22, 2024 "Make room for your Gifts!"


Proverbs 18:16 is a powerful statement that reveals the answer: "A man's gift makes room for him" (NKJV). Another version states, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” 


What you were designed to be known for is your gift. God has put a gift or talent in every person that the world will make room for. It is this gift that will enable you to fulfill your vision.


When I put my health first in January 2008 I got in the best health of my life, not just physically but mentally as well. 


Physically I had more energy to excel in my gifts. Mentally I had more confidence to go after my gifts/dreams/goals. 


Once I allowed myself to work on my gifts all kinds of doors/rooms/opportunities opened for me. TV appearances, magazine publishing, partnerships, speaking engagements, awards. The list goes on and on…”A man's gift makes room for him”. 


This week I spoke with Sonya. She returned to TFC after years of being gone and the last time she was here she never completed a bootcamp. Sonya completed her first bootcamp by completing the first bootcamp of 2024. Inspired by her jumpstart to fitness Sonya returned to this camp and joined a team, “Mo Better” for our Team Up to Slim Down Challenge. 


What I love about team challenges is that people will do more or go harder for their team than they would for themselves because they don’t want to let their team down. 


Sonya wrote in her journal this week that she went on a girl’s trip over this past weekend and that when the host shared some of the menu items, i.e. cookies, wings, etc., Sonya informed her that she’s on a fitness journey and would not be eating those things or drinking libations.  After her friends gasped for air, they supported her and changed the entire menu to include healthier choices… “A man's gift makes room for him". 


Once they returned, later that week some of her friends called to tell her they were now eating more vegetables. You never know who you will inspire… “A man's gift makes room for him." 


In just 3 weeks Sonya has lost 9.2 lbs. of fat, 3.6% body fat and gained 6.4 lbs. of lean muscle…” A man's gift makes room for him". 


What gifts have you not made room for because you’re too tired, physically, and mentally, can’t do it, on lots of medications and can’t think straight or is it because you stay in the hospital or at doctor’s appointments? Our gifts won’t reach the heights of their potential if we refuse to use them or recognize them.


We should be faithful to use the gifts that God has given us and that as we use them our faith will be strengthened. All of us do not have the same gifts. And because all of us have been given different types of gifts, we should not be competing against each other, trying to outdo one another because all of us received our gifts from the same source, which is God himself, and we are all on the same team. No Mess!

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