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“Are you Aging Fine as Wine?”

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“Are you Aging Fine as Wine?”

March 15, 2024 “Are you Aging Fine as Wine?”


Have you ever asked yourself years ago what you would look like today or what your health would be like today? 


Now, ask yourself what you think your health will be and what you will look like 10 years from now. Are you happy with what you visualize? 


The saying “Like fine wine, you get better with time” resonates deeply. If you had asked me a decade ago what I’d look like at 50, let alone 53, I wouldn’t have envisioned my current self. Yet here I am, defying expectations.


This week an old client, Marlon, came up to me after I got off the stage. His words left me both humbled and proud: “Tadda I’m so amazed by you. I celebrated your 42nd birthday with you and I thought you were the absolute bomb then. I just need to know how it is that you are now 53 and look even better and stronger than you were way back then. I’m so proud of you. You’re putting these young folks to shame.”


“Aging Like Fine Wine” is a popular metaphor that is used to describe someone who is aging gracefully and looking great in their old age. The phrase comes from the belief that some wines improve in both taste and quality with age making them more appealing and sought-after.


The aging of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of wine. This distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods. The French use the term élévage to refer to the aging/storage period in a wine's life. It roughly equates to our term “to raise” in English, as in raising a child. An appropriate term, since during this stage it is the job of winemakers to watch over the wine while providing the care and proper environment needed for it to have the best chance of developing positively.


Aging/storage is made up of three parts: letting the wine continue to work on its own, monitoring its progress both chemically (by testing) and sensorally (by tasting), and carrying out a series of rackings for clarification as needed.


Each of these three elements works together as a complete system that allows us to help keep the wine safe as it continues its maturation. Throughout this period, winemakers will need to properly maintain the SO2 levels, hold the temperature at a constant 55-60°F, and taste the wine every 4-6 weeks to monitor its evolution.


Also, in the world of wine, there exists a peculiar phase known as the “dumb phase.” During this period, a wine’s aromas and flavors become muted, akin to a teenager navigating adolescence. In Bordeaux, they aptly call it the “âge ingrat” or “difficult age.” Curiously, the duration of this phase remains elusive, varying unpredictably from bottle to bottle.


Now, let’s draw a parallel to our own lives. Imagine TFC as the vintners, and you the individual as the wine. Like skilled winemakers tending to their vineyards, we create an environment conducive to your positive development, much like aging gracefully. Here’s how:


  1. Skill Cultivation: We equip you with essential skills, much like nurturing grapevines. These skills empower you to work independently, just as a vine thrives under the sun’s care.
  2. Monitoring and Testing: Our daily check-ins akin to tasting sessions, ensure you stay on track. We analyze your meal plan, assess your progress through scans and PT tests, and provide clarifications when needed.
  3. The 6-Week Bootcamp: During this intensive period, we create ideal conditions for your fitness journey. Think of it as the élévage phase—the critical time when winemakers meticulously guide their wines toward excellence.
  4. Ingredients for Success: We offer exercise routines, supplements, and an optimal setting for your transformation. Picture yourself evolving into a fine wine, each day bringing you closer to the mirror’s reflection you desire.


However, some of you might experience your own “dumb phase.” It’s when you resist following the meal plan, skip run days, or avoid outdoor activities. Just like wine, this phase can linger longer for some than others delaying your results.


But fear not! With commitment and the full spectrum of TFC’s offerings, you can evolve gracefully. Consider us your vigilant caretakers, ensuring you mature into that exquisite wine that you are. No Mess!

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