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Give yourself some Grace & Mercy

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Give yourself some Grace & Mercy

 March 10, 2024  "Give yourself some Grace & Mercy"



Fifty-Three- Tadda’s Victory through Grace & Mercy
This year’s photoshoot was designed to be more editorial, to do something completely different than I had ever done. We captured the triumphant spirit at the gym where every step on a treadmill is a testament of how far we have come, every kettlebell lifted is a show of perseverance and every swing of the “battle rope” are obstacles we overcame through Grace & Mercy. Amidst the gleaming workout equipment and high fashion glamorous attire, embodying strength, elegance, and the essence of triumph. Fifty-Three- Tadda’s Victory through Grace & Mercy.

Grace and Mercy are two sides of a coin, and the coin is LOVE. Mercy is a compassionate love to the weak, and grace is a generous love to the unworthy. Humans are weak and unworthy we all need God’s mercy and grace. Mercy takes us to the path of forgiveness, while grace leads us to reconciliation.
Grace is the gentle acceptance of our own humanity, the understanding that something which is imperfect is not a flaw but a common thread that binds us all. Here are some things you can do to show yourself some grace on your fitness journey.

1. Acknowledge Your Humanity
Let's face it, we are human, and to be human is to err. Somewhere along your fitness journey, you'll stumble more than once. You won’t eat the right food, you won’t get enough sleep, you will eat too many sweets or bags of chips. Acknowledging your humanity is the first way to give grace to yourself. You are not infallible, and neither is anyone else. It's about recognizing that errors, emotions, and exhaustion are not just inevitable; they are part and parcel of the human experience.
When you admit this to yourself, you let go of things like the unattainable pursuit of perfection and start embracing the full spectrum of your life with all its ebbs and flows. Remind yourself that we all have our battles, and grace stems from understanding that you're not alone in this.

2. Embrace Your Imperfections
Your imperfections, be it a little too much weight, inability to do pushups, having a sweet tooth, are your own life's unique marks. To truly give yourself grace, it's essential to embrace each flaw and not allow them to define you permanently.
Embracing imperfections doesn't mean you've given up on improvement; it means you give room to yourself to breathe and grow at your own pace. Think of each imperfection as a chapter in your life's story that adds depth and character. By accepting the imperfect in yourselves and others, you cultivate a culture of acceptance. At Tadda’s we embrace imperfections because we all have the ability to get our weight under control, to practice pushups until we get them right and increase the number, and to exercise will power when it comes to eating properly.

3. Celebrate Your Successes
Too often, we gloss over our victories, large and small, in a relentless quest for the next achievement. On this fitness journey, it's crucial to pause and celebrate your successes. This act of celebration is a form of granting yourself grace. It's an acknowledgment of the hard work and the persistence that got you to this point.

4. Offer Yourself Kind Words
If we critique ourselves with words we wouldn't dare say to others, we withhold grace from the one person who needs it most…ourselves. Try looking in the mirror and offering words of love, kindness, and support, as you would for a dear friend.
Phrases like "I am worthy," "I am capable," and "I am resilient" are not just feel-good statements; they're powerful affirmations that nourish your spirit. Write your own affirmations; let them be your lip service to love and grace, making them as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth.

5. Surround Yourself with Positivity
Your environment and the people around you influence your mood and self-perception. Whether you are doing bootcamp at 5AM, 7AM or 6PM, taking classes, or doing personal training. At TFC we surround you with positivity and foster an atmosphere where granting yourself grace comes more naturally.

6. Show Mercy to yourself
Mercy needs to begin at home with yourself before you can be merciful to someone else. Sometimes losing sleep and going without food and constantly running on an empty tank can undermine our mission to spread the divine mercy message. Remember, we are Christ’s hands and feet and witnesses here on earth. If the hands and feet lack strength and the witness lacks joy because we have unnecessarily deprived ourselves of basic needs, what becomes of the great work we have been given to do?

7. The Way to Growth, Not Perfection
Perfection is an unreachable goal; that's why it’s better to seek growth. For making a meaningful change on your fitness journey, focus on personal progress rather than an unattainable fitness ideal. The key lies in giving yourself a lot of patience and grace. Remember that growth can be incremental and doesn't always have to be measured by grand achievements. Every small step along your fitness journey is a victory. Embrace a growth mindset where improvement is constant, and grace is plentiful. In the quest to give yourself some grace, remember it's not a destination but a continuous journey of self-compassion and understanding. No Mess!



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