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Memories are the best souvenirs!

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Memories are the best souvenirs!

Memories are the best souvenirs!

Each time I return home from traveling, I typically bring something special back with to help recall the memories made there. 

Over the last 20 or more years I’ve been collecting over 100 menus from local restaurants to all across the world. A few of my favorite are from Buddha Bar in Paris, Meia Pataca in Brazil, The Shark Bar ATL, Fishbones in Detroit, Le Petit Cafe in Aruba. 

I can pick up any one of the menus and tell you all about my experience, who I was with and why the menu was special. I have a few mounted on the wall in my kitchen which is always a conversation piece. 

Most importantly this memory wall literally makes me smile every time I look at it or the huge basket the holds the rest of them. 

What is a souvenir? Regardless of what the physical product takes the form of, it is simply a tangible reminder of an experience that you have had, like a vacation or a daytrip or a special occasion. These souvenirs can help you relive the positive emotions that are tied to that memory. 

What I realized was “Memories are the best souvenirs”. 

As I talk to old members of TFC they will recall times like when we use to go to the church and run the stairs, or when we use to run the maze in the church parking lot. What about the banquets when we would dress up in our finest threads and dance to the band or DJ all night. 

Saturday, I loved listening to our Most Fits, Biggest Loser and Hall of Fame speeches. They mentioned about all the fit friends they made or the memories they made at  5AM, 7AM or 6PM sessions with their fit fam. 

Malik thanked his red team squad for pushing him when they had to get on the wall and do inverted push ups. He said this is what it takes to get stronger and achieve goals like Most Fit/Hall of Fame. 

When Kassidy won Biggest Loser this second time my heart went back to the first time she won and all the emotions she felt, I relived all over again. 

What I love most about memories we create as a fit family …no one can take them from us. 

Memories strengthen our sense of identity, purpose and bond our relationships. Happy memories are an important ingredient in present happiness. When we are young, everything is new. We are doing so many things for the first time that we form very strong memories. But as we get older, we have to work harder to turn events into memories and to benefit from their happiness-inducing qualities. Hence why I always keep things fresh with our exercises and come up with new workouts. 

We know one thing to be true …Life is uncertain! Jobs can be stressful. Parenting is hard. Relationships take work. Families can be dysfunctional.  And, sometimes love hurts. When you’re confronted by feelings, events, or issues that are making your life challenging, go to your core memories pull from it to get you through. 

Some memories are going to remind you of how strong you are and what you’re capable of achieving. Some memories will pull you out of sadness and depression. I pray that all your memories remind you that you are No Mess! 

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