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“Dream it! Speak it! Do It!

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“Dream it! Speak it! Do It!

February 9, 2024 “Dream it! Speak it! Do It!



Dream it! Visualize it! Speak it! Put it into action! Watch it come to fruition! 


I know God speaks to me however it took me a long time to realize that’s what I was hearing/feeling. 


When I did realize it, it still took me years to act, because I ignored certain things, I heard God say to me.  It all just seemed too unreal, unattainable, time consuming or I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough to achieve those things. 


Twice I almost missed out on blessings because I didn’t want to sacrifice, be obedient or it wasn’t happening the way I thought it should. 


I also realized that God had given me a special gift of vision and speaking life into others. 


As a registered nurse I created a nurse residency program for all new graduate nurses or nurses transitioning from floor nursing to the ER or ICU. My program became so popular that it was published and adopted in other medical institutions, because of the level of skills and expertise the nurses learned coming out of the program. 


Now, I’m proud to watch the seeds I planted years ago bloom. Many of the nurses that went through my program only had their associate degrees. Several of them have now gone on to get their masters, doctorate etc. Four of them, over the last 2 years, have opened their own primary care facilities. At the time, I hadn’t even opened my own business, but I taught them about financing and other business opportunities for nurses. They are now Boss Nurses!!!


When I opened Tadda’s Fitness I knew that I would apply this same method to grow my business. 


I started with just me and my sister, a room at the hospital, and a boombox.  My sister made the wake-up calls, registered the clients, and completed all paperwork and I did the rest. I must have done something right because I now have 35 employees with the majority of them being at TFC for 10 or more years. 


All my bootcamp trainers were once clients that I saw something in, and I spoke fitness into their lives. 


Two trainers went on to open their own gyms which I fully supported/mentored and attended their grand opening ribbon cutting ceremonies. 


There is a client I had a conversation with this week because several times I’ve said how amazing her flexibility is, her calm demeanor, her Zen spirit. I see her being an amazing yoga instructor. When I was talking with her, I asked her if she had ever thought about it, she said yes, I actually took a class to teach but never went through with it. My words to her today were confirmation. 


We may not always see it in ourselves so it’s important to speak it into the atmosphere or receive the message when it is spoken over our lives. Most importantly it’s important to be obedient and believe it in yourself. 


This week you witnessed another TFC client to trainer journey. 


From the time Candice came to TFC I could see discipline in her eyes. Although she said she was only doing one bootcamp I still saw commitment. I knew in my heart she needed more.


When I first spoke to her about striving to become Most Fit, I could see her entire energy change. Two bootcamps now led to more. Now she had a goal to accomplish.


I saw her discipline become more intense with her training, she always showed up with a good attitude giving 110%. I often referred to her as being in beast mode. She never ran away from a challenge. She would take constructive criticism well and would actively try to improve her meal plan booklet. She asked a lot of questions which made me want to feed her spiritually more. 


When Candice joined the Team Up to Slim Down Challenge, her desire to do it for herself shifted to wanting to be the best for her team. I started seeing her help others, run with others and motivate others. 


When she fell out at the finish line this past summer running her fastest time (17 min), being pushed by my nephew Justin, another level of discipline kicked in. A new spark flared in her eyes. 


At this point, I had already started saying little things about being a trainer, but I knew she still wasn’t ready, but I started grooming her and she didn’t even know it. 


When I finally approached her and told her it was time, however she had to go through this process, she was extremely nervous, often doubting herself because this was so far outside of anything she could dream for herself. See she didn’t grow up playing sports where people learn about stretching, teamwork, the practices, etc. she had no personal reference, and this process can be quite scary. 


As her peers started to see her go through the journey, they also saw the shift in her as well. To the point where they gave her a nickname before she even hit the stage “CandyLand”. 


Although we first think of CandyLand as a childhood board game, Candice truly is no joke and plays no games. 


The object of the game is to travel through “Candy Land” The board consists of a winding, linear track made of 134 spaces, mostly red, green, blue, yellow, orange, along the path of rainbow-colored spaces (doesn’t that sound like TFC team colors). The moves are made according to colored squares or picture cards drawn. The game is won by landing on or passing the final square and reaching the goal of the Candy Castle. In the original version, that final square is PURPLE. Like our purple stage, which Candice dominated this week. 


This name suits her perfectly because she went through a lot as a client, in training and overcoming all fears, winning Most Fit 3 times to doing her debut class in front over 100 people over all three seasons. Candyland we are so proud of you. You are a great asset to TFC, and I know the best is yet to come. 


Whatever walk of life God has put on your heart or in your spirit stop ignoring it. Listen to God’s vessels when they speak or give you confirmation. We only have one life. Don’t go to the grave with regrets, wishes and dreams unfulfilled. Live life out loud and be No Mess! 

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