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“Be Resilient and Bloom”

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“Be Resilient and Bloom”

December 1, 2023 “Be Resilient and Bloom”


As I was setting up for our outdoor circuit training workout at 4AM Thursday morning, it was quite cold and the temperatures this week in Atlanta were as low as 30 something degrees. All the leaves are off the trees and all the plants/flowers seemed to be dead or withered away. As I was bringing the equipment out, I saw this beautiful pink rose in full bloom.

I immediately looked up to heavens and started to thank God. I first thanked God for the breath that I could see in the early morning sky. Then for this flower which for me symbolizes resilience, hope and perseverance.

Late Fall/early Winter is a season of darkness, frost, snow for some states and cold weather, ushering in a time of stillness and reflection. And she still bloomed. This flower reminds us that even in the darkest and bleakest of times there is still beauty to be found. That we can still grow spiritually and physically.

Just think this flower withstood harsh weather conditions and still standing tall and strong. This is a physical representation of the human spirit’s ability to be resilient and to grow and thrive even in unideal conditions.

This bootcamp has a lot of clients enrolled, however many of the clients missed yesterday’s workout out of fear of the cold or laziness. Many people ask me how I keep in shape at 52 years old, or how have been able to run a successful gym for 15 years. My thoughts… I am this flower. I weather any storm; I don’t shy away or make excuses when my situation is uncomfortable or not ideal.

As we watch the biggest sport on TV right now, football, you see people tailgating in the coldest of temperatures for hours to cheer for a team of people they do not know personally. However, when it comes to doing something physical for ourselves for “one hour’ outdoors we run away and make excuses.

Despite the cold and harsh conditions, this flower was able to survive and bloom, reminding us that we too can overcome difficult times and emerge stronger.

I had to dig a little deeper into this rose. A pink rose means Gratitude, Grace and Appreciation. This is what I need for you to tap into for yourself. A great way to draw for our deepest reserves of inner power is by connecting with symbols of strength in our environment, like this rose.

A rose that has survived winter is a rose that has been through a lot. It has been through the cold, the wind, and the rain. It has been through freezing temperatures and harsh conditions. But it has survived. It is a rose that is stronger than the rest. It is a rose that has made it through the toughest of times. This rose is NO MESS!

In order for roses to make it through the wintry weather in winter, there are certain tips to keep them healthy and robust that you can adapt to maintain your fitness in the winter months. By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure that you stay healthy and fit all winter long like a winter rose.

Layer Up

Rose should be mulched with a thick layer of organic matter, such as straw or leaves. This will insulate the roots and help to keep them warm. You should work out in layers, but dress “dry” not just “warm.” The quickest way to lose body heat is to get wet.  Skip active wear made of cotton, which soaks up sweat and holds in moisture, opt for synthetic fibers designed to dry quickly. Layers should also trap warm air next to your body and keep out the elements (like rain, snow and wind). First, put on a thin base layer made of synthetic fabrics to help pull sweat away from your skin. If it’s cold outside, wear a middle layer, such as polar fleece, for extra warmth. Then, add an outer layer (or shell) to protect you from wind, snow, and rain.

Drink Up

Roses should be watered regularly, even in winter. This will help to keep them hydrated and prevent them from drying out. Some people don’t feel as thirsty during cold-weather workouts as they do when exercising in warmer weather, but dehydration in colder climates carries a number of risks, including headaches and a drop in energy. You’re still losing fluids through sweat and breathing in lower temperatures, and you need to replace those fluids by drinking water. .  Winter air isn’t just cold, it’s dry. To keep your skin from drying out, drink plenty of water (roughly eight 8-ounce glasses per day), get IV therapy and moisturize your skin often.

Protect Your Extremities

If you live in an area with very cold winters, you may need to cover your roses with a frost cloth or other type of protective covering. Like the rose petals, fingers, ears, nose, and toes are affected most by chilly temperatures because “blood is shunted to the core of the body, leaving less blood (and subsequently less heat) available to hands and feet,” To keep your extremities from freezing, wear a hat or headband and gloves or mittens. You can always take them off and tuck them in a pocket if you get warm. Thick socks also help. All these add-ons should be wool or synthetic, rather than cotton, to help keep sweat off your skin. TFC also sells hand warmers.

For many people, winter is a time to cozy up indoors and forget about their fitness goals. But with a little planning and effort, it’s possible to stay active all winter long. Be resilient like the winter rose and use the winter months as a chance to jumpstart your beach body goals.

With a little effort, you can stay fit all winter long! No Mess!


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