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“Be Like a Palm Tree”

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“Be Like a Palm Tree”

November 3, 2023 “Be Like a Palm Tree”


I have always been fascinated by palm trees. I was once asked during an interview, “If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be and why?” 


I quickly responded by saying, “That’s easy. I would be a palm tree. One, because you can only find them in warm weather climates, and God knows I loves me some hot weather. I love how elegant they look, always so poised, I love how they sway from side to side like they have rhythm and soul.  I love how their strength is unassuming. No matter what comes their way they stand and weather any storm. And finally, even if they fall over, they can sprout new roots from their trunks and survive.” I embody Palm Trees, I might be small in stature, but I’m strong and No Mess. 


There is much to learn from the way Palms handle stressful situations. Their strength comes from a combination of the composition of their stem, their root system, and the shape of their fronds. 


Build a strong CORE…Bend, Don't Break

The palm´s stem has adapted to survive the harshest storms and protect the core or heart of the palm. Palms do not have secondary xylem tissues as most trees do. This is what gives the stems of many palms the capacity to bend over and not snap like a branch of a tree would. 


Apart from being extremely wind tolerant, it is disease and pest-resistant, and cold-hardy. The stem flexibility is only possible because of its strong primary xylem tissues. These tissues are responsible for transporting nutrients from the base to the crown and the fronds. The rigid tissues serve as an outer layer of protection. The strength in the stem also comes from the hardened cells left over from the bases of the fronds that are shed as the palm grows. All these physical adaptations of the palm´s stem create a core that is strong enough to prevent snapping, but flexible enough to bend with the wind. 


A strong core is essential for good posture, balance, and stability. It can prevent injuries and reduce back pain. Core work is the center of every movement, and having a strong core is more than the ability to a hold a plank for an extended period of time; it’s actually a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Building comprehensive abdominal strength is crucial, and working your core in various ways can help you soak in all the benefits and bend but not break like a Palm.


Have an Extended Support System

The palm´s root system keeps the palm upright in the harshest conditions. Unlike trees that have one main taproot, the palm has a fibrous root system, meaning the roots are thin and extend outward like a carpet that reaches no more than three feet deep. The vast quantity of these lighter roots gives the palm a wider support base. If some of the roots are damaged or pulled, there are many more to hold it down. 


Having a fitness support system or family will help you reach your fitness goals by holding you down.  Having a team of people behind you keeps you accountable and consistent. When you are ready to give up because you are too tired or depressed or whatever reason pops into your head, having several roots (fit friends) to motivate you is often enough to help you fight through the internal dialogue that’s trying to discourage you from working out.


Let It Pass

The palm fronds help it adapt to strong winds and storms. The fronds act like feathers that shed water, reducing the downward force of the rain. The space between each of the thin leaflets also allows for wind to pass through. The bases of the fronds are flexible and allow for a large degree of bending. The shape of the different types of fronds has all evolved with one goal: to lower the force of both wind and water to protect themselves from breaking. When torrential rains start to fall, the shape of the fronds allows the wind and rain to pass through leaving minimal damage.


Physical activity works to sharpen your brain and executive function. Not only will it divert your attention away from stress inducing thoughts, but physical activity also loosens tight muscles and reduces tension. Exercise is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and learn to be more flexible and let things pass.  Storms won’t take you out, you will be able to weather them with minimal damage to your psyche.


What can a palm tree teach us?

The palms' physical characteristics allow them to dance with the storm rather than succumb to it. As humans, we can learn from the way palms endure a storm. When in a moment of stress or crisis, follow the rules of a palm: Build a strong core, bend, don´t break, have an extended support system, and let it pass. This will allow us to evolve like the palm and withstand the hardships that come our way by dancing with the storm rather than toppling over and withering away. No Mess

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