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“It was just a little piece”

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“It was just a little piece”

September 1, 2023 “It was just a little piece”


“It was just a little piece, I only had two bites, for real I only had a handful, I only took a sip”.  If I had a dime for every time, I heard these comments from a client or someone asking me for nutritional advice I would be rich, rich. LOL!

If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or just flat out of shape, your body knows more wrong that you have done than good. And every time you eat “just” a piece, drink one cup of sweet tea, soda pop, liquor, beer or simply just take two bites, your body remembers immediately.

Now don’t get me wrong, I indulge in some junk food from time to time. Eating a couple slices of pizza one day isn’t going to instantly make you gain 20 pounds. The problem is that usually that one time leads to another time, and another, and another, especially if you struggle with emotional eating, lack of discipline and no one to hold you accountable.

I see this often when I check meal plan booklets. You have a set “cheat day” however throughout the week you nibbled on this and that. And then you overindulge on your cheat day because it’s your day.

Many people have a mindset of, if no one saw me do it or I don’t write it in my meal plan booklet that it didn’t happen. Newsflash…You will never be able to hide a bad eating habit. There are always signs!

My first telltale sign is your lack of energy. Bad food lessens your ability to perform well. You will run out of gas very quickly and struggle through a workout, you may get bubble guts, get nauseated during your workout and simply put…you feel like crap.

Another sign is in your clothing, they are getting tighter and tighter and less comfortable. You must now get a bigger belt or loosen your pants after every meal. You then start hiding behind big t-shirts and baggy pants.

Another sign is your lab work. You become diabetic, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. You are now being placed on medication or even more medications.

Another sign is your lack of confidence. You are feeling low about yourself because you don’t like the way you look or feel. You’ve spent too long trying to lose weight, others see results and yet you still haven’t. Your self-esteem and confidence are being affected and you begin to withdraw from things you previously enjoyed, like going to the beach or meeting friends out for dinner.

Another sign is you keep suffering from aches, pains and you’ve labeled yourself as injury prone. When we constantly eat high sugary and fatty foods, this causes inflammation and decreases your body’s ability to heal properly. Hence diabetic feet, it starts with a simple sore, then decreased blood supply, leading eventually to an amputated foot.

I mention these telltale signs not to make you feel bad or discourage you, but to get you to think about what you are putting in your mouth, into your body.  Every little bit count, every small bite and little sip eventually leads to overindulgence for most.  Over this three-day weekend, enjoy yourself but cheat only once, discipline yourself to not have that little piece or one small bite. You will begin to see better signs, less weight, more confidence, little to no meds and more energy.  No Mess!

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