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"Support is a VERB!"

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"Support is a VERB!"

July 31, 2023 "Support is a VERB!"


Support comes in many forms. Emotional, physical, financial to name a few.

I’ve come across many people who say they support a person, business or cause. I mean I have some people that I thought were really close friends of mine who live in Atlanta. I mean people I’ve traveled with, have supported their businesses, kids’ fundraisers etc. People who have known me since I was a teen and they have never stepped foot in my gym.

I mean these are people that we have never had bad words between us or any kind of falling out. They constantly say, I’m so proud of you however they have never bought a t-shirt, smoothie, attended any of my events, not even the free ones, but constantly send me things to support them.

I was raised differently! My mom always taught us to be a cheerful giver, support with no expectations in return. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Support is giving encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to genuinely succeed.

Providing support needs to be genuine. Don't act as if you have the time or inclination to listen if you don't. Don’t be that person that always says, “you should do this or that” and when they do it you don’t support.

With all of my disappointments from those so called “friends”. My TFC fit family understands that support is a VERB!

We put our words, hearts and thoughts into action.

Every big initiative I get nervous at the beginning because I want a big turnout for our community. I stress myself, lose sleep because of the trauma of the non-supporters I mentioned above.

I don’t know why I stress because when it comes to my TFC Family not only do they show up to support whatever the event, they show out. I can’t possibly list you all, but I do want to thank some that have been rocking every initiative for almost 10 years or more. Linda, Monica T, Wanda. I also salute Bridget (TFC’s official welcome committee) Boop boop. LOL.

My heart was so full to see all of the very generous donations. The unselfishness. The outpouring of love this past Saturday.

When I asked the volunteers to show up by 7:30AM. Man the parking lot was full. I was on cloud nine all weekend.

I mentioned support can be:



You might offer physical support to someone having trouble standing or walking or like several members who came back on run days to run other clients in or pour water on them in the scorching sun.


Financial support to a loved one in a tight spot is one thing but imagine giving financial support to a stranger. This is the kind of support that happens at TFC throughout the year. Whether someone’s sick, has a death in the family or during any one of our community initiatives like our annual back to school drive or our breast cancer awareness, TFC Members open their pockets and give generously.

Emotional support is something we all need. You really don’t know how much a smile or hug plays a role in our daily lives. Expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring are what TFC is about.

I hope that for those that benefited from all of this support for their children and families that they give back in some way in the future by paying it forward. Kindness goes a long way.

To my fit family I love y’all so much. Y’all make me proud every day. No Mess

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