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Stop trusting your health to “Social Media”!

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Stop trusting your health to “Social Media”!

June 30, 2023, Stop trusting your health to “Social Media”!

Over the years, I have had several clients end up in the hospital with elevated blood pressures, irregular heart rates, electrolyte imbalances and much more because they took a product, they found on social media, or they ordered a product because a celebrity name is attached to it or they vouched for it. This happened again this week to a client. About 15 minutes into the workout, they became diaphoretic (excessive sweating) and felt like they were going to pass out. They stated they hadn’t eaten since 4pm the day before. I had to put ice packs on them and give them some glucose tablets. This would normally stabilize a person, however this person continued to shake uncontrollably and when I initially took their blood pressure it was 187/129 with a heart rate of 114. I couldn’t get their heart rate down, so I suggested starting them on an IV. I told them if this does not bring your HR or blood pressure down, you will need to go to the ER.

For those of you who know me and follow me on social media, you know I talk about and highlight the experts in my life. You may also know that my doctor, dentist, and lawyer are all named Monica. They have a lot in common similar easy going and friendly personalities, beautiful smart women that run their own businesses. But there are some differences, they are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respective fields.

What’s a SME you ask?

The Monica’s have accumulated great knowledge in a particular field or topic and their level of knowledge is demonstrated by their degrees, licenses and through years of professional experience with the subject matter. They don’t just know things, they have a deep knowledge of their particular subject matters and their sub areas within the subject i.e., holistic medical practices, cosmetic dentistry and small business and entrepreneurial law. They keep up with the latest information and best practices with continued education. SMEs need to communicate highly specialized information and skills.  Their competencies have been developed through years of on-the-job experience and education in their fields. They are lifelong learners who specialize in unique aspects of their jobs. The key thing is they utilize these specialized skills in hands on, one-on-one contact or in groups of individuals with similar experiences and situations. If they speak to groups, the goal it to then meet separately with the individuals to specifically gear their skills to that individual’s needs and situation.

One of the reasons I appreciate them in my life is because, they like me we all function with the thought of mastering our particular areas, because in case you didn’t know it or realize, your trainer and nurse Tadda is an SME. I have been an expert in health and wellness for over 30 years. My expertise as a Level 1 Trauma Nurse, a nurse manager, a nurse educator, and a BCLS/CPR instructor blended with my added qualifications as an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, with specialties in nutrition and wellness place me in a unique position allowing me to provide optimal health and wellness to my clients.

Personalizing Health and Fitness

Now you may be asking what any of this has to do with my health and fitness. I am getting to that. Many of my clients come to me and say they are using this supplement or that product that is promoted by some person that may be famous such as Steve Harvey or some random person that they have no relationship too, but the product made some promises. I mention Steve Harvey because, while he may be a King of Comedy, he is not a SME when it comes to health and wellness. He has a personalized health team (read that again) who discovered the root cause of HIS issues of struggling with less energy and not feeling right in his own body. His SMEs worked with him (one is his personal doctor and the other a holistic doctor that has worked with him as part of his wellness team and the other individual is in product development) which means their focus was to develop a product they could promote and sell. And now he is promoting that product with what he is calling a game changing complex “his TEAM” has created. Now these people may be a team of SMEs that have worked with Mr. Harvey to improve his health and wellness and these products may have worked well for him, but the question is will they work well for you.

So how can you reach optimal health?

As your personal SME, I can work with you to develop and formulate a health and wellness program that works best for you. I have products that I have developed and promoted that may or may not work for you but like Steve Harvey’s SMEs I can recommend what will work best for you, your body type, blood type and fitness level. My daily conversations with you when you are feeling well and not so well help me to develop an understanding of your personal fitness and health needs.  The more we chat the more I can help you and that’s where my expertise kicks in.

I combine my experience and knowledge to help each and every one of you achieve your optimal health and fitness because you are each complex individuals and optimal health is far more than just diet and exercise. True health is a combination of all your life experiences including mental/emotional health, your environment, emotions, social interactions and much more.

I will review your medical and lifestyle history and incorporate your nutrition and meal plan, take and review blood work. We have daily check ins through your meal plan, three points during every six-week bootcamp for overall reviews with the advanced technology of the Fit3d Scanner.

While some of my products may work for some of you, it’s the hands-on experience and advanced technology that allow me to assist you in reaching your optimal health. Don’t you think utilizing your own personal SME, Tadda, to create and develop an optimized health and nutrition plan based on your own tailored needs instead of a plan that has been optimized for the health and wellness of your celebrity friend is a BETTER idea? Come experience the full benefits of TFC’s wellness program by having a conversation with me your own personal SME.  NO MESS

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