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"Make Exercising Part Of Your Routine!"

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 "Make Exercising Part Of Your Routine!"

June 4, 2023 "Make Exercising Part of Your Routine!"


As soon as our eyes open in the morning, we must start making decisions.  Hit snooze, or get up right away? Coffee before shower, or shower first? What should I wear? These morning decisions can cause stress. By cutting back on the decisions you must make early in the day, you can get off to a better start. Make some choices ahead of time by having a routine and a schedule.  A routine is something you do repeatedly; regularly


Stress reduction is just one of the psychological benefits of routine. Organizing your time can also pay off in other ways. The result will be a happier, healthier you. 


Benefits of Routine

Daily routines are helpful, but you may need a weekly routine for things that you do less often, such as grocery shopping or cleaning. Set one or more routines, and you can reap these benefits:


Your stress level will fall. If you have a plan, you'll feel more in control. You will have made many decisions in advance, and you can focus on making good choices for the ones that remain.


You'll sleep better. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is the first step toward being better rested. Good sleep can give you a psychological boost. If you have trouble falling asleep, a bedtime routine can help.  


‌You'll enjoy better health. Meal planning makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet, but that means setting aside time for shopping and meal prep. Similarly, you can use a routine to boost your physical activity or to take your medication on time. A healthier body means a healthier mind.


You'll be happier. If you have a schedule, you can build in time for play. Yes, adults need playtime, too. Whether it's reading, playing a video game, or hanging out with your friends, downtime is good for your mental health. Without a plan, you may come to the end of the day without having spent time on pleasure.


Benefits of Routine for Families

If you practice good time management, you'll set a good example for your children and be able to share your skills with them. In addition, having a family routine can help children feel safe and secure.

Researchers have found links between family routines and children's social skills and academic success. Also, routines are valuable for families during times of crisis. If a parent is ill, for example, children with routines are better able to cope.  


Tips for Creating and Sticking to a Routine

If you already have a daily routine, start by modifying it. But don't make too many changes at once. Write down your new routine. It can be in the form of a schedule, or it can be a list with items to check off. Your chances of success will be higher if you do most things at the same time each day. 

Reward yourself when you stick to your routine but be sure the reward supports your goals. For example, you might reward yourself for exercising each day with a pair of new sneakers.

People took an average of 66 days to create a new habit. Technology such as fitness trackers can be helpful in setting healthy habits. Many also track sleep, a vital part of any healthy schedule.

When trying to establish new routines and habits you should be flexible, which can seem like a contradiction. In fact, failing to follow your routine for one day doesn’t mean you’re off-track. If you let yourself take a day off, it can be easier to return to your routine than if you think of any break in your routine as a failure.


The Importance of a Workout Routine

I love my workout routines; I look forward to my personal training sessions. For me, it’s the one hour that is fully dedicated to me. Sure, I may be mentally preoccupied with work or life while I’m there, but I feel so strong and healthy when I get done with a session. My endorphins are high. I am ready to conquer the day. I feel good knowing I just did something for ME. Equally so, I feel the opposite when I miss a personal training session or don’t get a workout in. I feel gross, heavy, sluggish. I get down on myself.

Working out is important not just for the physical benefits or losing weight, it is great for your mental state and long-term benefits.

The reason it is so important to build a workout into your daily routine is other things can easily prevent you from getting a workout in. We are all busy bees and having the time carved out in advance makes you more likely to workout.

It can take a few years to find out what works for you. If you are still struggling to find a good workout routine, I recommend trying a few different types of classes, try the bootcamp and try personal training or some combination of the three and you can even do some home workouts. At the end of the day, it has to work for you, your body and your fitness goals. And more importantly you should enjoy it!

Having a Workout Routine is Important because it:


Eliminates the option for an excuse: when you plan to workout regularly then you are more likely to do it. Half the battle is finding time and the second half is following through. Make it easier on yourself and just build your workout into your schedule!

Helps with mental state and stress: there’s no question working out boosts your mood. It doesn’t even have to be a long workout or something intense, even taking 15 minutes out of your day to walk makes a difference. Workouts shift your focus from your other daily worries to YOU.

Something to look forward to: Once you make your workout a routine, you’ll find that you start to look forward to it. It may not be the workout itself but maybe seeing your workout buddies gives you a boost of sunshine in your week or your new workout outfit makes you smile.

Access to opportunities: working out regularly means a healthy body, and a healthy body means you’re able to participate in more activities in life. It’s easy to take your health for granted, being healthy is a blessing. Take care of yourself so you don’t have to miss out on future activities due to your health.

Build your daily routine, lower your stress, increase your healthiness and be a happier you. No Mess

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