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No Shoe Horn Generation!

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No Shoe Horn Generation!

No Shoe Horn Generation!

This week, a lot of clients were complaining of some type of ache or pain. “My back is tight, my knee is swollen, I sprained my hamstring”, to name a few. When I asked the majority of them what they are doing to treat and recover from their injuries, many said “nothing” or they were doing the wrong thing to recover, e.g., like putting heat on a swollen knee. The less you do to recover the longer you feel uncomfortable or in pain. The longer you fail to recover, the more injuries can occur.

So, I dedicated a workout this week on the importance of recovery exercises as well as recovery tools that can be used on a daily basis, like a massage gun, foam rollers, a tennis ball, foot massager and more.

At the beginning of the workout I asked the clients to do a test. To take off one shoe while standing then their sock without using a wall or putting their foot down then do the other shoe/sock. This was very difficult for most. Something I kept saying is we must improve our flexibility and mobility…we will NOT be a “Shoehorn Generation or have a Shoehorn Mentality”.

The term "shoehorn" is commonly used to describe the act of forcefully fitting something into an environment that may not be the most appropriate for it, in order to achieve a certain objective. This could involve pushing an object or idea into a space that doesn't quite fit, or manipulating circumstances to create a situation that may not be entirely natural.

In some cases, "shoehorning" may be necessary to achieve a desired outcome, such as when a particular resource or idea is needed to move forward with a project, but is not readily available or easily accessible. At other times, it may be used as a shortcut or quick fix, without considering the long-term implications of forcing something into a space where it may not thrive or function optimally.

The term shoehorn can also be applied to people, referring to the act of forcing a person into a particular environment or situation, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. This can have both positive and negative results, depending on the context and the motivations behind the action. Overall, the act of "shoehorning" is often seen as a last resort or a less desirable option, as it can create unnecessary complications and may not result in the best outcome.

I use my maternal grandparents as an example. As a child I spent a lot of time with them. My grandfather was a minister and hard worker. I don’t remember him running around and playing with us. I remember him being catered to by my granny, sitting in his favorite lazy boy chair watching a good baseball game and when he was getting dressed he would ask one of the grandkids to either get his shoe horn or help him put on his socks and shoes. He passed away at 68 years old from a stroke.

On the other hand my granny was no mess. She would often run around with us in her yard, picking pears and apples. She would wipe them off with her apron and we would eat them under the tree. And don’t let us be bad she would most certainly climb a tree to get a good whooping switch. LOL.

Granny was quite active. She always had a stationary bike that she used, or she was riding a horse, bowling or doing flips. She tended to her garden year round and filled up her freezer and mason jars with fresh fruits and veggies for the winter months. Not much fast food for her.

My Granny lived to the ripe age of 98, passing away from Covid. I never saw her use a shoe horn or ask us grands to help her put on her shoes. She did not have a shoehorn mentality. Granny took care of herself differently than we do today, but she made sure to care for herself and recover through gardening and meditation in addition to eating healthy.

Recovery in all forms is necessary at some point to improve your body and mind. So please try to Rest and Sleep, Cool Down, Stretch, Get Proper Nutrition, Get Massages, take Baths, use Ice and Heat when necessary. Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you.

The longer you live in a sedentary lifestyle the more prone you are to have a shoe horn mentality. You still have time to improve your flexibility and mobility, however the biggest thing you must change is your mindset first. No Mess

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