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"Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits"

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"Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits"

March 24, 2023 "Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits"


Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your Strength and Character. New challenges can be scary. They push you outside your comfort zone and force you to let go of old mindsets and habits to improve your personal development. But while it's daunting to take on new goals, they’ll lead you to new opportunities.


Our Team Up to Slim Down Challenge presents an opportunity to strive for aspirations as a team. It’s funny how serious we get about our goals when we’re challenged as a team and not just individually. We are often more concerned about disappointing a team member than we are about disappointing ourselves and therefore work harder. 

Our top three biggest losers in this Bootcamp took on the Team Up to Slim Down challenge and boy are they making waves.  Their participation in the challenge forced them to accept a group goal and work to achieve for the better of the team. They recognized they had to approach the challenge in a distinctly unique manner compared how they would when doing the bootcamp alone.


So, I asked our top 3 biggest losers what they did differently compared to other Bootcamps. These quotes are just a few things they shared. 


-I ate a lot of sweets I gave them all up as well as I don’t cheat on my cheat day. 

-I started doing more cardio…although I still hate it and I got the B-Lean IV therapy. 

-My vice was a good strong cocktail every night and I gave that up. 

-I started coming every day to Bootcamp as well as classes in the evening. 

-I started TFC Super Fat Burner pills along with eating clean. 


Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique, so you have to do and see what’s works for you. One thing we know is that you MUST challenge yourself and get out of your own way. 


What does a challenge mean? It means you've stepped outside your comfort zone and taken on a new task. You've set new goals for yourself, and you're ready to work hard to achieve them.


A challenge is something that teaches you how to grow as a person. They encourage personal development and are a way to work on self-improvement.


The challenges you take on test your resiliency, grit, and determination because well. . . , they're challenging. They aren't supposed to be easy and accomplished without any effort. Challenging things to do, might look different for you than they do for your coworkers, siblings, or friends, but that's OK.


Your challenges could seem like little things, like trying to wake up earlier or shake bad habits like smoking, but they're still challenges. Everyone’s experience is different. 

In fact, that's the beauty of a challenge. It opens you up to new experiences and requires you to put in the effort to improve yourself every day. It lets you really focus on yourself. Whether you're challenging yourself to declutter and stay organized or run a marathon, the challenges you set for yourself are entirely your own.


These new challenges aren't something that everyone will look at and feel like jumping into right away. But that's part of the challenge itself. As you learn that personal growth starts outside of your comfort zone, you will be more inclined to begin challenging yourself.

The positive thing is that you don't have to do every self-improvement challenge simultaneously. Pace yourself, and be proud of each accomplishment as you achieve them.


Here are six final tips when it comes to challenging yourself:

  1. Accept your failures, but don't let them dictate your next moves
  2. Look for inspiration to help you keep your momentum
  3. Don't be impatient with your goals
  4. Learn to love learning
  5. Be present and appreciate your journey
  6. Be No Mess! 

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