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My Christmas Wish For You!

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My Christmas Wish For You!

My Christmas Wish For You!


What a year. As we end the last Bootcamp of the year, I would like to leave you with My Christmas wish list for you.


I wish you hope, hope keeps dreams alive and motivation to keep trying.


I wish you joy, for this world we live in will rob you of it, if you let it.


I wish for you to cover yourself with grace. We tend to beat ourselves up, although we’re doing well and making progress, which we often don’t acknowledge.


I wish for you to enjoy the marathon. Life is not a sprint. It’s about learning from experiences along the journey.


I wish for you to fill your belly with nourishment to heal your soul.


I wish for you to celebrate the body God blessed you with.


I wish for you to surround yourself with people who fill your cup and open your eyes to people who poke holes in it and drain you slowly. Minimize your time with those people and protect your soul.


I wish for the true spirit of Christmas to shine in your heart and light your path.


I wish for you to know how worthy you truly are and to stop feeling like you need validation from anyone.


I wish for you to experience some failure so that you will appreciate all the victories you accomplish.


I wish you love and friendship that makes you bend over laughing and cheeks hurting for days.


I wish for you restful nights so you can see your visions clearly.


I wish for you to count your blessings, one by one, and when totaled, you find all you've been given has been more than what you sought.


I wish for your burdens to be light and when they are heavy, for to you have the strength to overcome them.


I wish for your spirit to never grow old.


I wish all your clouds have silver linings and your rainbows pots of gold.


I wish for you a No Mess life, no excuses and no drama.


I wish this all and so much more

May all your dreams come true

May you have a Merry FITmas

And a happy New Year. No Mess

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