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I’m not claiming that!

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I’m not claiming that!

I’m not claiming that!


I often hear people say “I’m not claiming that”, as if, if they don’t claim whatever the situation is then it will go away. News flash…whether you claim it or not, it has claimed you! 


These words come up especially when I am discussing lab or test results with clients or when I am taking their vital signs. I have been tracking blood pressure results for a number of reasons, more often when giving an IV therapy treatment and at the request of my clients.


I have been seeing readings of people that are at Stage 2 Hypertension (above 160) or in Hypertensive Crisis (above 180). I have discussed with people their numbers and asked them, have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure?  The first thing they say to me is “I’m not claiming that”. Facts, can’t be dispelled just because you decide not to claim them. The numbers and lifestyle speak for themselves. 


Not claiming negative energy or negative words, or anger or despair is not the same thing as not claiming a fact. Your blood pressure reading 187/130 is a fact. The blood pressure monitor is a device that uses an inflatable cuff to collapse and then release the artery under the cuff in a controlled manner and a manometer to measure systolic and diastolic pressures. These pressures become the readings on the machine. I do not control what the machine reads, neither does your doctor.  It is a factual reading that can’t be disclaimed. You have high blood pressure. Your A1C numbers again are detecting your blood glucose levels to determine whether you have diabetes and as a way to manage your diabetes. Once again, I do not control what the machine says. These machines are affected by your body’s rhythms or what’s in your blood, thus these are facts.


I bring up these factual numbers because we are going into the Holiday Season, where we indulge more with food and alcohol which will only aggravate the conditions our bodies are currently in. Which in some cases may place people in crisis (ER) or push them over the edge (even death).  Or people gain the dreadful “HOLIDAY15”. Other facts, people are stressed, tired, unhealthy, and overindulging, all of these conditions require us to be more aware of our health and not bury our heads in the sand by, “Not Claiming It”.


During the holiday season many changes happen. 


-It’s darker earlier which prompts people to hibernate and become less active. This  makes us want to just Netflix and chill. 


-It’s colder so many won’t be as active especially outdoors and they tend to migrate towards more comfort foods like high sodium soups, chili’s, cakes, pies and sugary drinks like hot apple cider and eggnog. 


-Celebration time: From company holiday parties to family get togethers or the Friendsgiving charcuterie board parties. A good time will be had. We must just be mindful of our health conditions as we celebrate.


-Many people are excited and feel great to be off from work/school while traveling more. So, it’s easy to deviate from structured mealtimes, sleep and usual exercise routine in the name of celebration. This lack of structure may increase one’s tendency to overeat and gravitate towards high sugar food choices. We are off our regular routine and often forget or choose not to take our medications. Remember to be consistent with your medications even if you’re feeling amazing and having a great time. 


-New Year’s resolution. People start to think about their health and fitness after all that holiday fun has been had. But this year I challenge you not to be that person.  Tadda’s Fitness is here to help you with our Mini Holiday Bootcamp. 


So, register now and join us November 28th at 5AM, 7AM or 6PM. I promise this will be the best gift you could give to yourself. No Mess 

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