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Stay Ready for Something New

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Stay Ready for Something New

 November 4, 2022 "Stay Ready for Something New"
Two mantras that I live by are “Do one thing new every day that scares you” - Eleanor Roosevelt and “Stay ready”! Trying new things, no matter how frightened you might be at the thought of it, motivates you go and be less afraid of new things and pushes you outside of your comfort zone.
I have a client 68 year old client Cindra and has participated in several bootcamps over the years and survived colon cancer. She was asked to join a modeling competition for older women. What she did not realize was it was a full-fledged pageant contest. She had never competed in this capacity and frankly was not quite sure how things would turn out. Would you believe not only did she WIN the entire competition becoming Ms. America Senior Grand Supreme, but she also won several categories; Best Smile, Best Hair, People’s Choice Award and finally Miss Congeniality.
Not only did she blow away the competition she blew her own mind, because she stepped way out of her comfort zone by trying something new. This may be to the extreme on the trying something new scheme of things, but as you can see it is a good mantra to live by because it tests your ability. Trying something new even if it scares you, shows you what you can and cannot do and helps you concentrate on improving the things you cannot do or cannot do well. The more you do something new, the less you’ll be afraid to try new things.
Remember, the other mantra I live by Stay Ready! When you are prompted to try new things what scares you about it is you have never done it before, and you don’t know if you can. However, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready and when something new comes along you will be prepared for it even if you don’t realize it. As a rule, we find what we look for; we achieve what we get ready for.
I received a call asking if I would be available to teach yoga in less than 24 hours for an Iyanla Fix my Life episode. I thank God I was ready, willing and able.
Staying ready doesn’t mean…
·        You’re always operating at your highest peak
·        You’re always living in some form of false perfection
·        Everything is working on the path at the right time doing the right thing
What staying ready actually means is being willing to stay fluid and flexible. Saying to the universe I have the plan that I made, but I’m willing to morph the plan in whatever way the universe or the day calls for me to.
Staying ready means…
·        Being willing to go from my level of good to my level of great to my level of mastery in any given moment.
·        Not needing time to prepare to give the best version of yourself
·        Staying open and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.
·        Expecting the unexpected and am willing to give the world exactly what it needs in those moments.
So, when you stay ready and you choose something new to try staying ready gives you more grace, ease, and compassion for yourself.
You all see me on the stage and in social media post trying something new all the time. I may fall I may even fail a few times, but none of that stops me from trying new things, even if they scare me, because I stay ready.

Reasons for trying something new…

  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, helps you grow as a person, making you better in the long run
  • You are more likely to have fun
  • It brings to light your true potential, helping your discovery who you really are


Trying new things helps me grow, I have loads of fun and I am a better person with each new thing I try, whether I perfect it or not. I strive to be in the best possible physical, mental, and emotional shape of my life at all times. I don’t always accomplish that but by continuing to work on it I stay ready for the moment I am in. Giving the moment exactly what it needs at that time.

At TFC we strive to help you stay ready. You have 6 weeks of bootcamp, 2 weeks of strength and conditioning when bootcamp is out and classes most every day, even on Saturday. You have the opportunity to stretch, lift, run and so much more, because we want you to be flexible and not just physically, being flexible for whatever comes your way.
So, the next time someone asks you to do something new, that might even scare, I suggest you do it. Be willing to live ready for that thing you didn’t expect. Walk as if you know exactly where you are going, if when you don’t know where the road is leading you. Expect the opportunity to show up and shine even though you may not see it coming. No Mess


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