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Have you ever saved someone’s life? If you were placed in an life or death situation, would you have the knowledge or the skill to help? Would you have the confidence? Or would you run and hide?

Just 2 years ago Linda decided to take CPR because her daughters were pregnant with her first grandchildren. She heard a story I shared during bootcamp about a grandmother who took CPR for the same reason and 18 months from taking CPR, her grandchild choked on a penny. The mother of the child was screaming hysterically, and the grandmother remained calm and saved her grandchild’s life.

Just yesterday Linda’s decision to learn CPR at Tadda’s Fitness made her a real-life hero.

While at work a co-worker didn’t seem right. She wasn’t using the universal choking sign, placing her hands around neck. She wasn’t trying to get help in fact she was trying to get to the bathroom. (Some people get embarrassed when they have an issue).

As the co-worker was headed to the bathroom Linda kept asking her was she okay. Linda said she felt something wasn’t right, so she ran after her. Thank God Linda had been exercising with our bootcamp, especially after her recent knee replacement, enabling her to sprint.

Linda pushed through the bathroom door and observed her co-worker’s red eyes and inability to breath. Linda didn’t go into a panic, hesitate, or run away. She drew on her knowledge of CPR training and got behind her co-worker and started performing the Heimlich Maneuver. One thrust didn’t get it out. Whatever it was, had lodged deep in her throat. Linda did another thrust, still no results. She is now holding up a grown woman who cannot breathe and at 60 years strong, Linda mustered up enough strength to give one more abdominal thrust so hard that the object (an egg) was expelled and flew across the room.

Immediately the co-worker was relieved and able to breath. Linda then broke down in tears, praying and giving God the glory.

Whether it's emotionally or physically, there are ways to prepare yourself for situations in which you could step in to help save a life. Taking action now can help prevent such situations from happening in the first place. 

Lessons Learned From Linda’s Experience:

-Learn the Heimlich. 

This basic technique is easy to remember, yet you could easily end up in a crowded room where nobody knows it. Be the difference!

-Being strong and healthy allows you to be able to help others or save a life like Linda.

-Be observant of your surroundings and people that are there. As a triage nurse I learned early on in my career that many people that need the most help are usually the quietest.

-Cut your food into small pieces and one common piece of advice is to chew your food an estimated 32 times before swallowing. It takes fewer chews to break down soft and water-filled food.

-Build your confidence by learning a new skill like CPR. Next CPR class is tomorrow, Saturday October 22nd at 11:30AM.

Tadda’s Fitness Center is a one stop shop! Not only will you get in the best shape of your life, you will also:

  • Come off medications or avoid being put on them.
  • Gain a fit family, that will pray and support you through injuries, sickness or despair.
  • Get preventive things like Alkaline water, healthy shakes, and supplements.
  • Childcare: Peace of mind for you and your kids while you take care of you.
  • Fitness: Bootcamp, classes and personal training are available year-round.
  • Wellness Center with registered nurses on duty, lab work, IV therapy, fit3D body scan & more.
  • Educational services from nutritional counseling to CPR training.

We live in a crazy, crazy world where unexpected and bad things happen all the time. But it's important to realize that through it all, you are not powerless, and you especially have the ability within you to help save lives. No Mess

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