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August 20, 2022 "Get Strong, Stay Safe"


Tadda’s Fitness Center is an amazing place for individuals to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Tadda shows you that Fitness Starts from Within with a No Mess style, with a proven track record of success. I created TFC because not only am I a fitness enthusiast, but I am also invested in your health and fitness. I am also invested in your safety. TFC strives to protect its clients and staff and ensure that everyone is safe both inside and outside of the facility. 


We love that overall, we have a family of equally enthusiastic individuals ready to put in there six weeks to a New You! We plan and prepare for the first week, getting the registration ready and running smooth, making changes to the meal plans, preparing for orientation and to meet all the new people invested in this fitness experience. 


We also love all the preparation you take to begin the program, i.e., getting the new equipment, opening the box of your first pair of running shoes ever, buying those new fitness clothes to name just a few. Here at TFC we are just as excited with you and for you and want this to be a wonderful experience. There may be little setbacks, you may not lose the weight you want or lower your A1c as low as you could, some of you may injure yourselves, but these are normal occurrences as you embark on your fitness journey. 


There are other things that could spoil the great experience you will have exercising at TFC. One of our main concerns is your physical safety and the protection of you and your personal items. We regularly evaluate the risks and hazards of the facility, and we work on control measures. Our biggest concern has been the parking area. We have installed cameras; we have posted signs about securing your personal items and not leaving them visible in your cars. We have cubbies and lockers that you can place your items in when you are in the gym working out. You can place your own lock on the locker while your items are in them. Many of you place your personal items in the truck of your car, this is not a bad practice, but ideally you should not do it in front of individuals that may be watching you or when you arrive at a facility, i.e., gyms, parks, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Also, if you only bring in your wallet, keys and phone and nothing more you are protecting the most important items. 


Our world is constantly changing, and more and more parking lots are places for crimes of opportunity. Lots of cars sitting in a lot seemingly with valuables in them, is like candy to a thief. It really does not matter how much or how little they may be able to get it’s just that the opportunity presents itself. Don’t give thieves an opportunity to ruin your great experience at TFC. 


Things you can do: 

  • Travel light; keys, wallet, and phone. Most of you are coming from work or going to work and this can be hard. Hide items before your get to TFC and only bring in the items you need. Only go in your trunk to pull out items not put items in. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings, its early we all do not know each other, but if someone looks suspicious tell someone immediately. Here at TFC people don’t just sit in their cars, they are getting items out getting ready to go in or leave, but until you start to recognize people, be cautious. 
  • Do not leave keys in the car and always observe your surroundings before exiting your car.
  • Use the lockers and cubbies 

Strive for security while working out, so that you can have a peace of mind while you are staying healthy. We are so excited to have to begin your fitness journey with us. This is going to be a fun 6-week bootcamp. You will gain friends for life. You will gain lifestyle changes that will give you a new you. You have taken the steps to be strong and healthy don’t let anything get in the way of that. No Mess! 


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