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"Core & More"

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"Core & More"

July 14, 2022 "Core & More"

This week we witnessed Christy go from client to trainer and she was amazing. She taught a class she’s coining as Core & More and trust me we got both Core & More, beyond just the workout on the stage.

While training Christy to become a trainer she shared with me that she still remembers our initial phone conversation when she was inquiring about our fitness program. Her concern was what was she going to do with her 3 children especially when her husband travels, which is often, while she works out. She came in for a tour, saw our Tadda Wadda’s room and she was sold.


The definition of core is the central or most important part of something.  I’ve learned through life that if you take care of the most important thing…your health, that so many doors and opportunities will come your way. You cannot take care of anyone or anything if your health tank is on “E.”

As Christy was on stage her children worked out with her. Her oldest daughter stopped me and said, Miss Tadda, what did you do with my mommy” all while posting proudly on her IG page. Now y’all know that’s big when a teenager post about their parent on their social media. As she proudly posted “My mommies first class,” you could tell how proud she was.


Christy is setting a CORE memory for her children. I often say, a child’s first hero are their parents. Kids want to be like their parents and will do what they see.  If your children see you do more wrong things i.e., eat unhealthily, always complain about “having to exercise,” or drink more soda than water, this is the foundation you are setting for your legacy. Learn to set strong CORE values. You know the saying. Train up a child the way they should go, and they should never depart from it.

For many of our parents’ generation, where health and fitness weren’t a priority meaning they may not have set that example for you, know that it’s not too late for health and fitness to become a priority in your life, establishing that CORE. Not only will your kids appreciate that, but they may even join you like several clients whose kids have joined them e.g., LaKesha & Tonea, LeQuetta & Alyssa, Audrey & Chaz, Linda & three of her daughters. The list could go on and on.


The following day as clients were coming in many were saying oh my hamstring is sore from the "Core & More" workout. One person even said I didn’t know a forearm muscle could be so sore. These clients truly experienced the MORE.

Two of the biggest compliments was from a couple of clients who stated, “Man if she can stay consistent with 4 very active children ranging from 2 to 14 years of age then what is my excuse?". They stated that watching Christy become a trainer has motivated them to do MORE and make less excuses. True health is sustained wellness which is achieved by doing MORE. 

To create a CORE & MORE lifestyle you must first start envisioning it. Ask yourself:

•             What do you want your health to be now?

•             What do you want your health to be a year from now?

•             What do you want your health to be like 20 years from now?

•             Would my parents, kids or significant other be proud of how I treat my body?

•             What would you tell your 5-year-old self about your health today?

Answering questions like this tend to put your lack of action into perspective and create motivation for change. Here at TFC we encourage you to be proactive in the pursuit of health.  We want to educate, empower and encourage you to pursue lifelong health and vitality. Taking care of your health is a lifelong job, which is why we suggest asking yourself the above questions. Remember that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. Doing MORE and doing it well, allows you to increase your CORE health values and grow healthier both physically, mentally and emotionally.  Core & More is the way to go! No Mess!

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