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“You’re no longer that girl!”

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“You’re no longer that girl!”

July 1, 2022 “You’re no longer that girl!”
As a trainer it is such an amazing and rewarding feeling to watch my clients transform right in front of me. When I say transform, I don’t just mean the weight loss, but to see their eyes brighten and the joy in their spirits grow. The way they walk with pride and interact with their fit family. The way they start to give advice to new clients just starting on their journey.
There are several people in this current session that have completed a few bootcamps and it shows. They have come off medications, which is my biggest claim to fame. They are excited about the scale moving in a direction they never thought possible. I literally heard two people say that they had never been this small, even in high school.
There is one person that truly touched me because she was so oblivious to the fact that she was no longer the person she thought she was.
At the end of last Bootcamp award ceremony, we ask clients what size “I survived Tadda’s Bootcamp” shirt they want. She asked for an XXL. During the first week of camp, she proudly wore her shirt she earned and when I saw her, I said, why do you have that dress on? She laughed but had this look on her face and she said what do you mean? I said that shirt looks like a dress on you. She said but I wear an XXL, I quickly replied, “you’re no longer that girl.”
That same day we were meeting for our outdoor session and another camp member commented on her “dress” as well and then another person. The first person was so taken aback that she went to her trunk and got her one of her own shirts, a size large, and gave it to her. She reluctantly put it on and to both of their surprise the large was too big as well.
The next day that same client brought in some of her medium tops for her and when she put one of them on, the medium fit perfectly. This client went from wearing a double extra-large to a medium in a few consecutive Bootcamps. Consistent gradual weight loss sometimes makes it hard to see the changes.
What To Do When You No Longer Recognize The Person You have become.
It's a strange feeling waking up one morning and realizing you've truly changed. You look in the mirror and despite having changed you, still see the person you been so desperately trying to get rid of. Although you’ve reached that point you continue to hide under layers of old clothing because your mindset hasn’t changed.
Sometimes your mind needs more time to accept what your body already knows. You are No Mess!
-Liberate yourself. Start by purging. Purge your closet, house and pantry of all clothing, possessions and foods/drinks that has held you captive in your old body. Things that helped you survive in that lifestyle. You need a fresh start. You need to learn to live in this new body with a new mindset so that you can thrive.
-Soak in the compliments. When you’ve been out of shape for so long, you’re not use to getting a lot of compliments so it can get somewhat embarrassing when people are constantly addressing your weight loss transformation especially if you were hiding your journey from family and friends.
-Give yourself some GRACE. Weight loss from one end of the scale to the other will not happen in a few months. It will take some time. And, if you want to reduce weight healthily, don’t rush it. Another fact to accept is that you might gain weight. It is possible to regain all of your lost weight, especially if you slack off. And once you’ve made it to the other side, anticipate things may be less glamorous. You might have stretch marks, flabby skin, and a few other unattractive features. Knowing how to deal with them in the healthiest way possible is the key.
When you’re in a hurry to lose weight regardless of your health, you’re doing more harm than good to yourself. It would be beneficial if you were attentive to all your chosen dieting techniques, prioritizing your physical and emotional wellness. Improve your eating habits right away and adapt your lifestyle to match your weight loss goals, and you’ll be able to avoid health risks and depression.
Don’t limit or hinder yourself out of fear. Recognize this, you will change. Everybody responds to exercise. Healthy weight loss programs followed consistently, like Tadda’s Fitness Center’s Bootcamp will produce noticeable results even if you do not notice. Clinicians have noted measurable gains in heart health within two weeks and weight loss and body changes results in four to eight weeks. So, a steady regime of eating healthy, exercising regularly and proper recovery will have others saying, “you are no longer that person.” Just accept it, you are NO MESS!

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