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"I Can't means I don't want to!"

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"I Can't means I don't want to!"

June 24, 2022 "I Can't means I don't want to!"

I thank God for the start of a new bootcamp...old faces, returning faces and new faces, I am grateful for them all. Each new camp brings new challenges. This first week of camp I heard the word “I can’t” so many times. I know most of the time it was said out of anxiety and fear of the unknown and change, but for many it was a stop gap to avoid trying.

Many of my friends joke with me about the fact that I don’t curse. I sound crazy when I have tried to curse in the past and it speaks nothing of my character. This is also how I feel about the words “I Can’t,” I view them as bad words, and TFC has camp rules and rule # 4 is to refrain from using the words “I Can’t”.

We’ve all been guilty of using this expression, in fact it may be quite often. However, when we take a closer look at what this phrase means, we can see their negative effect on our behavioral patterns over the long haul. Let me give you a simple and yet effective way to look at this. When you use “can’t,” you are binding your hands and feet. Because anything CAN be done. People that are unable to walk, use crutches or wheelchairs, people that cannot see, use walking sticks and seeing eye dogs, people that cannot hear, read lips, use sign language and hearing aids. And many of these so-called impaired folks are athletes and don’t let their impairment get in the way.  That’s right, everything is a possibility especially with modifications, and anyone can make any possibility a reality at any given moment. Look around you, everything that you see, use, touch, and feel daily was thought about, created, implemented and made possible by someone at some point in time. Because that person believed that it could be a possibility, it then became a reality.

Now, our subconscious knows that everything is possible. It’s the filters and barriers from the conscious mind that make us think that we can’t do certain things. So, when you say can’t, what you really mean is you “DON’T WANT” to. And what you don’t want to do, you WILL NOT do. It’s that simple.

So, when you use the expression “I can’t,” you automatically program yourself never to do it. Since can’t means won’t in your mind, if you keep repeating that, then expect it to become a fact of your life. Therefore, you need to eradicate “can’t” from your vocabulary and instead use a more appropriate replacement, such as “I could” or “I’ll try,” or even better yet “I will”, “I can” and “I am.”

If you want to be enormously successful in your life, you need to believe that you CAN do absolutely anything. Most people either fail (but try and try again until they get it right) or fail to try due to negative self-talk, which has nothing to do with skills or talent. Don’t allow yourself to make the mistake of failing to try, because you will never know what you CAN do until you try.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right!” Can I Get It! Get It Get It No Mess

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