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“It is not how you start but how you finish”

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“It is not how you start but how you finish”

April 9, 2022 “It is not how you start but how you finish”

I remember times in my life where I was worried about how things looked in the moment. Sometimes you can’t see past your here and now, making it difficult to encourage yourself for the road ahead. Our current situations sometimes blind us to what’s ahead. It’s hard to imagine running the company when you’re just trying to get hired. It’s hard to see yourself walking across the stage getting your degree, when you’re just praying to make it through that difficult class, let me tell you…nursing school at Tuskegee was no joke!


One thing we can be sure about is that it’s never about how you start, but how you finish.

Often clients come in the first week of bootcamp so unsure of themselves and worried about just making it through the 6-weeks. Our biggest loser Shada gave her testimony today. She stated that although she has joined many of our bootcamps, she never completed one for some reason or another. After 3 children, she said not only was she mentally ready, but she was emotionally ready to take on the challenge to finally complete TFC’s 6-week bootcamp. Today she not only completed her first bootcamp, she won the title of Biggest Loser, losing 18.0 lbs. of fat and 6.0% body fat.  These are the clients I encourage by telling them that they will be amazed at the person they will become by the end of this structured fitness program, all they have to do is show up and trust the process. I let them know that my concern is not really how much they know about health or fitness when they walk in, but I am most concerned with who they become and what they learn when they walk out the door. I believe that is how God is with us. It doesn’t matter where we start with Him, but he’s concerned with where we are when He returns! He desires for us to finish strong!

Every day is a new opportunity to get things right. Every day is a chance to let your light shine and to go after the assignment that He has placed on your life! It doesn’t matter if it’s just one thing a day, one step, it places you closer than you were the day before! So, keep moving and doing what God has called you to do! Keep going and don’t worry about how you start, just finish strong!!! 

This bootcamp has me on cloud nine. As a registered nurse I could care less about the size of a person. There are many unhealthy small people. It is about your health which is why TFC’s motto is “Fitness Starts from Within.” 

I am on cloud nine because we had so many praise reports of clients lowering their blood pressure, cholesterol and A1c levels. These people started something that is new for them and saw remarkable results because they finished the camp. Many who focused only on their weight failed to finish, missing out on the many non-scale victories that only the finishers see.  Our Wellness Center at TFC offers all of these tests; A1c, blood pressure and cholesterol because we like to document the change in levels, knowing that when clients finish a camp these results improve.

Please follow us on social media where I am sharing many of these videos and testimonies. But in the meantime, let’s start with Trudy whose levels are pictured above.  

Trudy is a long-time TFC client, she left for a while and when she returned, she was in tears, she was now a diabetic. She was fearful of her health and wanted so desperately to lower her A1c. Trudy was No Mess this bootcamp. She had perfect attendance, lost 14.7 lbs. of fat and 5.0 body fat in just 6 weeks. Lastly, she dropped her A1c from 7.1% (Diabetic) to 5.8%. WOW

Lisa, our reigning Biggest Loser from our last bootcamp is still on a roll. 9 months ago, her cholesterol was 219mg/dl, in January it was 178mg/dl, today it is 124mg/dl. Lisa says she has been on cholesterol medication for over 14 years, I am sure her doctor will be taking her off sooner rather than later. That’s incredible. 

I could go on and on about many other TFC clients, but I will end with a power couple Juan and Kerry who just completed their first bootcamp. They both did amazing, being promoted to the orange and red team dropping their run times by 4-5 minutes. Kerry lost 5.7 inches in her waist. Her A1c just 6 weeks ago was 5.9% (pre-diabetic) to now 4.5% (normal). Prior to TFC Juan was placed on two cholesterol medications because his levels kept increasing. When he joined his total cholesterol was 215mg/dl it is now 124 mg/dl. They both agree that following our meal plan and exercising regularly, changed their lives. 

Do you want to change your life, your health, come off medication? When preparing for the climb of a lifetime understand that it’s not just where you start but, more importantly, how you finish. Next bootcamp starts April 25th, this is the season to make changes that will last a lifetime and TFC can help. No Mess

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