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IV Therapy for Allergies

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IV Therapy for Allergies

April 1, 2022, IV Therapy for Allergies
The runny nose. The itchy, watery, puffy eyes. The sneezing and the wheezing. Is anyone else feeling this way? You can tell when your allergies are triggered and it’s not fun. The symptoms are a result of your immune system reacting to something that is usually harmless. IV therapy can bring much needed symptom relief for allergy symptoms. 
DISCLAIMER: Whether taken by mouth or IV form, vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or treat disease. 
Although taking over the counter allergy medications seem to give us some relief, there are many side effects, with some sending you to the emergency department. This week alone I had three clients come to me with nosebleeds all secondary to taking allergy medication that dried them out so much that their nose bled. Accelerated heart rate, dry mouth, and drowsiness are a few of the uncomfortable side effects. Additionally, these medications only block allergy symptoms, they do not remove the allergens from the body.
WARNING: People with high blood pressure and heart disease should use decongestants with caution, if at all. 
What are seasonal allergies? 
Allergies are simply an issue of your body’s immune system getting its signals crossed or being overly sensitive. When a “foreign invader” like pollen, dander or certain foods enter your body, sometimes your immune system will mistakenly label them as dangerous and produce an antibody, basically a tag that your body uses to remain on alert for that substance in the future. Then when the new season rolls around, your body remembers these tags and reacts. Hence seasonal allergies. 
Learn what irritants cause your allergies.
It might not be entirely possible to avoid an allergen, depending on the source, but there are steps you can take to limit your exposure to these things. That is why it is essential to know what causes your seasonal allergies. This can be done through a simple allergy test performed at your doctor’s office. A Natural source of irritant is pollen from grasses, trees, and weeds, which are in bloom starting as early as spring and lasting through fall depending on the local foliage. During spring and summer tree and grass pollen are most present in the evening while in late summer and early fall, during ragweed season, allergen levels are highest in the morning. Certain molds also grow more quickly in the heat and humidity and can also be considered seasonal allergens. Be proactive and wear a mask and try exercising outdoors or running errands during times with the counts are lower. Also, maintaining healthy stress levels is essential to prevent aggravation of your allergy symptoms.
How can IV therapy help with my allergies? 
When the body has detected an allergen in the air it tries to protect itself by flushing the irritant out of the body. This manifests as a runny nose and watery eyes, which can cause dehydration if those lost fluids are not replaced. Our drip IVs like Immunity, Myer’s Cocktail or Glutathione blend formulas come in a 500-cc bag of saline, or you can upgrade for a small fee to a 1-liter saline solution to replace those lost fluids and electrolytes that are necessary for the body to regain homeostasis. I highly recommend the 1-liter saline solution upgrade, because many of you are not fully hydrated to begin with, which is noticeable through your skin when I’m giving B12 shots and allergy season is only making matters worse.
Seasonal allergies and irritants create inflammation in the body, which result in the stuffy nose and redness we associate with allergies. The ‘Immunity Blend IV’ is mixed with essential minerals and vitamins that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Below we will examine each ingredient to demonstrate how it can help alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Allergy symptoms can dehydrate the body through fluids lost as the body tries to flush out irritants that trigger a reaction. As the body dehydrates, histamine creation increases in an attempt to hold on to the remaining water supplies in the body. Flooding the system with fluids is actually a terrific way to help your body out as it tries to clear allergens. Drinking water can be useful, but for instant results IV Therapy is ideal. With IV Therapy fluids are injected directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestion system for a 100% absorption rate. If you’re dehydrated, your mucus membranes are dehydrated, making them dry and sticky, and causing the release of histamines! Fluids also help your body flush out both environmental allergens themselves and histamines that are trying to clear them.
Vitamin C is known as “nature’s anti-histamine” and the research really does back it up! Studies show that IV vitamin C is effective at reducing certain allergy symptoms, including reducing histamines by metabolizing them. Vitamin C is also a known anti-inflammatory.
Glutathione is the master antioxidant and is essential in helping the liver break down toxins & chemicals so your body can get rid of them. In the case of allergies, glutathione helps your body eliminate excess histamine. Your body makes glutathione, but it gets depleted rapidly when your liver is working overtime to process chemicals, whether they are environmental toxins, medications, allergens, or just alcohol. In fact, studies have shown that glutathione levels are lower in those who suffer from seasonal allergies.
Seasonal allergies put the body into a state of stress as it tries to fight off the irritants that are causing inflammation. Stress uses up the body’s internal supply for vitamin B, which can further exacerbate symptoms. Studies on B12 have suggested that it can reduce allergy symptoms, specifically sneezing, congestion, and runny noses.
B complex, specifically B6, which is also known as folate, helps regulate inflammation to suppress allergy symptoms and decrease the severity of an allergy attack. In one study, it was shown to lessen throat constriction and reduce mucus buildup in the nose. The B complex helps to boost the immune system during a time of stress.
Magnesium is a magic mineral that is a natural antihistamine and helps relieve contracted airways to the lungs. Its calming effect relaxes the body and the bronchial tube and lowers histamine release. By reducing the histamine levels in the body, magnesium can help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Zinc is also beneficial for relieving symptoms of seasonal allergies because it keeps the immune system healthy. It also has an antidepressant effect on people and helps regulate stress. As stated above, any additional stress makes allergy symptoms worse.
Allergens are not going away. We cannot cut every tree or snip every flower from creation, avoid allergy seasons, nor “cure” our allergies, however, in many cases IV therapy is a fantastic way to help reduce inflammation from seasonal and environmental allergens. IV Therapy also helps boost the body’s ability to process the histamines that are causing symptoms like a runny nose or watery eyes. Overall, IV Therapy is a convenient way to flush your system of allergens from the inside out to help your body fight off allergy symptoms. It is also can help you feel better faster, in just 30-40 minutes you can experience immediate relief, so what are you waiting for? At TFC we offer a variety of IV Therapy blends to suit your hydration needs, schedule yours today. No Mess

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