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"Live the Impossible"

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"Live the Impossible"

January 7, 2022 "Live the Impossible"
Have you ever heard the flight of the bumble bee? It is a scientific phenomenon that the bumble
bee with its large body and small wings can fly. Based on overall physics and scientific theory, the
bumble bee should not be able to fly because based on aerodynamics it is impossible. The
problem with the theory is that no one told the bumble bee. Because the bumble bee’s livelihood
was based on being able to travel, its only focus was survival. With only one way to survive the
bumble bee knew it had to fly; there was no other option.
When we look at our lives and the situations we have encountered, many of us have tales like
the bumble bee. When there are no other options, you never even think that something
may be impossible, you just do it. I get so overwhelmed with emotion when I hear the amazing
stories of my TFC clients and others that have overcome impossible odds just because there was
no other choice. When there is nothing to lose and at the end of the day you only have one option,
the survival instinct takes over and you just do it.
You always hear, on the news, about people lifting cars off people and accomplishing amazing
feats to save the lives of others or themselves. This shows the power we have to make the
impossible happen and perform true miracles every day. There is truly nothing we can’t do if we
put our mind to it. As children, we did things that most adults thought were crazy or difficult, but as
children we didn’t know any better. We did it because we had not learned about fear. When fear is
out of the equation there is nothing that can't be done.
Think about it, “What could you achieve if no one ever told you that you couldn’t?” Would you run
a marathon? Skydive? Go back to school? Whatever you want to do just keep flapping and take
flight just like the bumble bee. Who’s to say you can’t?
Attached is the actual poem my mom gave me when I was a young girl, I’ve kept it all these years
because it meant the world to me that she believed I could fly and achieve far beyond what I could
dream...so I share this poem believing that you too can achieve the impossible. Can I Get It? No mess!

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