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The Gym Is Your Medicine

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The Gym Is Your Medicine

This last week I made several appointments to see the doctor. My first appointment was for my annual physical. For me it was just a well checkup and annual lab work. All lab work came back great, no health issues or concerns. And when I say no health problems at 50 years, no blood pressure concerns, no diabetes, no high cholesterol. I take absolutely no medications. This is not a brag, but I hope to be an inspiration. I, like many of you, have a strong family history of strokes, HBP, diabetes, etc. that run in my family. I could be like most anyone else, but I choose the gym as my medication. 


My second appointment was for my annual mammogram and my third was to get an X-ray of my left hand. All required a $40 co-pay. That’s $120 just for a well person checkup. I can’t imagine how much it would cost if you had to see a doctor several times a month or even monthly. 


Many people say eating healthy cost too much. Well, for me being unhealthy will cost a lot more. We haven’t even added the cost of medications and supplies like insulin needles or test devices for your home. 


Our health should not be taken lightly. After last Bootcamp I shared a story about Joel giving him accolades for all he accomplished over one 6-week Bootcamp. Today I’m going to brag some more because the gym became the medicine, he needed to kick diabetes out of his life. 


Just 12 weeks ago I met Joel for the first time. He came to me because he was newly diagnosed at 52 with type 2 diabetes. His doctor told him that he should be putting him on insulin, however he decided to give him some time to lose weight, eat right and get healthier. Joel devised a plan and decided to give himself one year to get his A1c of 6.7% (high) back to normal. Little did he know that joining TFC wouldn’t take him that long. 


As a truck driver he said his main meal were his delicious bologna sandwiches while driving long hours on the road. 


At the end of Joel’s first Bootcamp, he lost 13 LBs and his A1c dropped to 6.0% (Pre-diabetic). 


A1c testing is one of the many point of care testing’s we provide at Tadda’s Fitness, giving you results in mere minutes. No fasting or appointment required. Just come in during business hours. 


Yesterday after Joel finished his second Bootcamp, knocking his run from 28 min to 17:44, he also won the title for most push-ups for the Bootcamp with 64. The biggest prize, however, was nothing that could be seen physically but Joel feels the difference daily. Joel dropped is A1c to 5.4% (Normal). 


RECAP: In just 12 weeks of Tadda’s Fitness Joel’s A1c 6.7% - 5.4%. WOW!!!!


Let’s be clear, there is no medication besides diabetic medication that would drop those levels this fast. Joel’s medicine was Tadda’s Fitness Center “The Gym.” Joel showed up and always gave 110% and ate healthy by following our nutritional meal plan, no more bologna sandwiches LOL. 


Our gym could be the recipe you need to come off medications or prevent you from being put on medication like Joel. 


I find the gym to be amongst the best medications available to anyone and like no other. I also find it to be the grand incentive for some people to subscribe to the agony as long as they believe in the medicine the gym has to offer.

Obviously, the gym is not traditional medication packaged in an artificial press pill housed in some plastic bottle in your medicine cabinet. The gym is instead a gift of involvement, movement, and an activity that somebody can find themselves immersed in. This involvement can outright change people; extend their lifespan, decrease bodily inflammation, and improve one’s mental state. 


Don’t you want all those things and more! It’s not too late to take control of your health. Fitness starts from within, and it starts by coming into the gym. 


Our next Bootcamp starts November 29th. Why not finish the year with us and start on a path that will not only save you money but your life as well? No Mess

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