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You Play Too Much!

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You Play Too Much!

September 17, 2021 “You Play Too Much!”
Fall a new season is just around the corner. It's a great time to form healthy eating and fitness habits you can maintain for a lifetime. Although many of us have the best intentions, sometimes life just gets in the way and it’s easier to just go back to our comfortable unhealthy habits. One bad weekend of eating turns into one skipped workout and then the next thing you know you’ve missed three workouts and now you’ve dropped your new healthy lifestyle routine all together. Obstacles, hurdles to overcome, skipping from one diet plan to the next , hitting brick walls, excuse after excuse, these are just a few of the road blocks that exist in our lives that get in our way of our quest to be healthy and fit.
We can either choose to allow these obstacles to hinder our progress or we can view them as just another challenge to conquer and learn from them. Every day we have a choice to change or remain the same.
Here are some of the excuses we all use to avoid exercising or eating healthy. These decisions merely explain “why you need to stop playing so much!” Hopefully breaking down these excuses will allow you to never let them hinder your quest for the healthier happier life.
End each sentence with “You Play Too Much”-YPTM!)
•If you stop by Starbucks every morning for a high sugary Grande drink and you are a diabetic…YPTM!
•If you use the scale only to measure your success…YPTM!
•If you eat spicy peanuts everyday and have high blood pressure…YPTM!
•If you complain about your thighs and want to slim down but refuse to run…YPTM!
•If you complain about your weight but are still eating Oreo cookies…YPTM!
•If you say you eat healthy but keep skipping meals…YPTM!
•You wonder why your stomach is still big but you keep eating white- bread, pasta and rice…YPTM!
•You wonder why things don’t go right for you but you talk negative, got a bunch of excuses and say “I can’t”…YPTM!
•You don’t eat breakfast and wonder why you’re sluggish by noon every day…YPTM!
•If you have high cholesterol however you always eating fried foods…YPTM!
•You go to the gym daily and document all the correct things to eat in your nutritional meal plan but you keep gaining weight….YPTM!
•You exercise hard giving 110% in your workouts but then eat hot wings and pizza after….YPTM!
•You complain that you’re not flexible but refuse to take yoga…YPTM!
•You’ve had love handles and back rolls for years however you think a “magic saran wrap” or a waist trainer will take them away in just a week…YPTM!
•You say you have self control however you keep going back for seconds…YPTM!
•You don’t hydrate well and wonder why you cramp up during your workouts…YPTM!
•You say eating healthy cost too much yet you eat fast food everyday…YPTM!
•You want to lose weight yet you snack late at night…YPTM!
•You say you only drink water however your social media post show adult beverages and soda pop…YPTM!
•You skip your workout because you don’t want to mess up your hair…YPTM!
•You use your kids as an excuse for why you’re out of shape…YPTM!
•You say you want to see results but you don’t take your professional trainers advice…YPTM!
•You know it’s important to get your annual physicals; Eyes, Dental, Mammogram/Prostate but you don’t go…YPTM!
•You think because your skinny you don’t have to work out…YPTM!
•If you compare yourself to celebrities instead working on be the best version of you…YPTM!
•If you are eating all of your calories for the week on your cheat day…YPTM!
•If you say you don’t have time to exercise yet you spend 3 hours in the hair and/or nail salon…YPTM!
•If you can’t recognize yourself in one or ten of these…YPTM!
As we age our bodies are not as forgiving so we have to stop playing with our health if we want quality of life. You can have results or excuses not both. You have to realize that YOU matter so stop playing! No Mess

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