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It’s Time to Take your HEALTH serious!

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It’s Time to Take your HEALTH serious!

I felt like several people were trying to April Fool me this week, but come to find out they were dead serious. All I can say is, it is TIME to take your health seriously before TIME runs out for you. 

As I was going over a client’s Fit3D scan I asked her if she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. She quickly answered No!  As I continued going over her scan, I asked her how much water she drinks in a day, she stated I do not drink a lot because my “water pill” makes me go to the bathroom too much. Some people forget I am a registered nurse of 26 years. I asked why she was on a water pill? She said just to get the extra fluid off (first, no doctor just puts you on a water pill and second there is a reason why you have extra fluid). I said do you mean to manage your blood pressure?  She said, yes that is what the doctor told me, but I am not claiming that.  

PSA: Whether you claim your disease or not you still have it. And if you remain in denial your disease will only get worse and eventually your time will run out. 

People often think they have time, and might be able to get away with putting their health on the back burner while in high school and college, but bad health choices can and will catch up to you quickly as you get older. Being healthy is a result of the good choices you make every day, even the little victories matter. Regardless of your age, you should always take care of your mental and physical health.  

This next client was mind-blowing. I had not faced a client so nonchalant about their disease or maybe it was just a coping mechanism, but whatever it was, I went home and prayed for her. I prayed that she would wake up and realize the severity of her condition before it is too late, or her time ran out. I performed an A1c test on her, this is the test to say if you are diabetic or not. The results were very high, 10.9%. She was proud of the number as she smiled saying, “It use to be 12%, so I am happy with that.” I asked what medication she was on, she said Metformin. I asked her about insulin because with levels that high insulin is necessary. She said, “I HATE needles so I don’t take it” I asked her how long she has been without them, she could not recall. I then asked what her daily sugar levels are, she said, I told you I do not like needles, so I don’t test my sugar. Sometimes she brings her meal plan book and those times I have checked her book you would never believe she is a diabetic.  She eats a number of food items like potatoes and bread that feed her disease. I then asked if she has high blood pressure or high cholesterol and she admitted to having high cholesterol. I got super serious and informed her of all the side effects that could occur from not being compliant with her medication. (Blindness, Amputation, Dialysis, Stroke, or Death). Nothing seemed to faze her. She looked at her body and said I feel fine, I am just looking forward to my Hawaii vacation.  

PSA: If you do not like taking medication or shots, be diligent in changing your unhealthy lifestyle and stop feeding your disease.  

Stop filling your body with crap and eat food that is good for you. Diet Coke and salad is not a balanced eating plan. Eating healthy has so many positive side effects, such as glowing skin, increased energy, and keeps your arteries unclogged. Replacing unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables, and swapping sugary drinks for water and tea can make an enormous difference in how you look and feel, and your body will thank you for years in the future. 

Be HARD ON YOURSELF WITHOUT BEING UNKIND. Do not give yourself a free pass to eat poorly every time life gets crappy.  Also, do not reward yourself for working out all week with bad food. Being your own worst critic can help you find your weak points and make improvements. Whereas constantly making excuses impedes progress and leads to being unhealthy and time running out. Do not go overboard and start hating yourself. Just find a healthy balance where you are not afraid to call yourself out on your own BS. 

Lastly, STOP surfing the web for medical advice and diagnoses and actually go to the doctor. Getting yearly checkups will never affect you negatively. Being proactive about your body gives you an advantage in the long run with your overall health. You do not really get second chances with your body if the damage is done, it’s done. Going to see a doctor and taking care of yourself may spare you thousands of dollars in medical bills. Those appointments are well worth your time. No Mess! 


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