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Don’t put Unleaded Fuel in a Premium Tank!

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Don’t put Unleaded Fuel in a Premium Tank!

My days are usually planned out. If I know I will be out for a while I pack a lunch or snacks to get me by. On one particular day, I had a lot of meetings and appointments that lasted longer than I had expected. I was in a food desert part of town, with no great healthy restaurant choices. I was starving and needed to eat before I hurt someone. LOL  

I stumbled across a place that sold fish. I asked if they could grill the fish, I believe they were laughing at me behind their masks. They stated, we only fry here ma’am. I asked if they had any vegetables, they, probably laughed at me again and replied no! So, I walked away with fried fish, french fries and water.  

I ate the meal and continued with my errands and meetings. Within an hour of consuming this meal I had stop what I was doing and make my way home. For the rest of the day I was hugging the toilet experiencing major bubble guts. The loose stools would not stop. I felt like crap. I have since vowed to never put unhealthy food in my body ever again.  

This situation reminded of when I got my first foreign car and was told to put ONLY premium gas in the tank. Being in my 20’s I was short on money and decided to put unleaded in the tank. I did this a few more times to save money and the next thing I knew my car started to act up. At times it wouldn’t start immediately or while driving it would stutter and/or make crazy noises. When I took the car to the dealership, they advised me that these cars could only tolerate premium gas and if I wanted my car to last and run smoothly, I would have to put ONLY premium gas in the tank. Premium fuel has a higher octane level designed for aggressive, high performance engines.

I learned my lesson about my car and moving forward ONLY filled the tank with premium fuel. Now I know for sure that my body is a Luxury High Performance Model, requiring superior fuel. If I choose to put crap in it, my high performance body will not be as powerful and exhibit poor performance, which in my case results in bubble guts and prevents me from completing my day.  

Food has the potential to heal and/or hurt. Food is Fuel! Adequate food and fluids should be consumed at appropriate intervals to keep your engine not only going but performing at a high level. Know that what you put into your body (nutrition) is as important as what you do with your body (exercise).  Both are crucial to keeping your engine performing at its best.

Choose your health and avoid poisoning yourself with junk food. Choose to eat and not skip or miss meals. Choose to eat healthy not just to lose weight but also to gain life.  

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