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Are you breaking or building generational curses?

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Are you breaking or building generational curses?

This week I am proud to celebrate Tadda’s Fitness Center’s (TFC)12th year in the business of health and fitness. As I reminisce about my first clients to my current clients, I am in awe of how far we have come and what we have accomplished. 

When I started TFC, I never knew how long we would last. I surely did not know that we would impact multiple generations in one family, this thought leaves me speechless.  In this last bootcamp I had a grandmother, mother, and daughter working out and the great-grandmother would come in for vitamin b12 injections. YES, that’s 4 generations at TFC. This family is on a mission to break all generational curses and build healthy new ones. 


What is a generational curse? 

Toxic behavior patterns and family traumas trickling down to you and future generations preventing you from healing. Generational curses are a repeat of the sins and failures of our forefathers. 

Breaking generational curses is you making the conscious decision to stop practicing, absorbing, and passing on toxic behaviors and personality traits. Some of these toxic personality traits can be anger, violence, manipulation, overly critical and addiction to name a few. 

You may not have been the originator of these unhealed wounds or trauma, one of your forefathers may have made an ill-fated decision or exhibited unacceptable behavior long before you were born.  The unfortunate reality is that these traits are affecting you…and in turn your children/your family. 

If you don’t do the work for you, by healing yourself to heal the bloodline, your family for generations will experience the curses even when you’re dead and gone. You’ve learned these behaviors and were molded into the person you are today by default, through experience and observation. You’re simply a product of your environment.  However, being a product of your environment doesn’t give you a pass to project your wounds on others, it should be an invitation to begin healing for you and your family. 

We can’t continue to point the finger all our lives. “I act this way because I grew up in a household where I was mistreated”, I blame my parent… “I wouldn’t be this way if…” ,“I have diabetes or high blood pressure because my family does”, and “I didn’t grow up eating vegetables, so I don’t eat them now”.  


The healing begins with you. What has to be understood is…the only way to break these chains is to understand that they exist.

1. Identify the General Curse(s).

2. Evaluate Your Decisions and Lifestyles. 

3. Make a Plan and Execute. 


Monique and her family knew unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle were family curses. After identifying these generational curses, Monique began to evaluate the decisions she made and how her lifestyle affected her health. She then made a plan to get healthy and began to execute it. She joined TFC.  Monique, the daughter started with TFC ten years ago. She came in with her daughter Alyssa at just 2 years old, who started in our childcare program. Monique started to see results and her mother LeQuetta noticed and joined. Over the years both Monique and LeQuetta have been our midpoint biggest losers.  When Alyssa got a little older, she asked could she join the boot camp. I was so impressed by this young lady because she took everything seriously, from the 3DFit Bodyscan to the meal plan, and the workouts, Alyssa was all in, front and center.   I am super proud of this family, they are so compliant and forward-thinking. They came in for their A1c test and yes even the 12-year-old was tested. Monique has altered from a generation of meat-eaters to more vegan/plant-based eater. This family is so determined to break their family generational curses of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol that they did exactly what was necessary; 1) Identified the curse, 2) Evaluated their decisions, and 3) Executed a plan.  Kids watch everything their parent and family does, which is how the generational curses are learned and passed on. If you want changes it has to start with you! LeQuetta shared a story with me about Alyssa. She stated that when Alyssa saves her money which she does often and they tell her she can buy what she wants, Alyssa will purchase things like candles and sage. When I asked her why, she said, my mom (Monique) uses them and I see how her mood changes and the house is more Zen. 

Besides the above steps to address generational curses, use the below hints to help you reparent your inner child.  

  • Re-teach the younger child within you, healthy behaviors, and patterns.
  • Think about what you wish to have felt as a child: Wanted or needed, loved, accepted, forgiven, acknowledged, celebrated, etc.
  • And then give your younger self whatever you lacked. Love, support, healthy ways to deal with emotions, etc. 
  • Think about the feelings that you’ve experienced as a child: Sadness, dependency, neglect, insecurity, unworthy, anxious, etc. Ask yourself why did you feel or at least think you felt that way? And if specific family behavior triggers these feelings, create new ways to address the behavior so you are no longer triggered.


Remember this isn’t an exercise to assess blame. The self-work can only be done by YOU! It is not the responsibility of your parents and it’s too late to address your ancestors. You can’t take back what was done, but it is your responsibility to move forward, Your worth the process. You deserve to heal. 

This will be hard, this will take time and dedication but it will be worth it. This life is yours, decide whether you will live chained or free. 


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