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November 10, 2017 “Unblock Yourself”


No matter how many times someone praises you, compliments your progress, or supports you along your fitness journey, if you don’t believe in yourself or have confidence in your ability you will in one way or another block yourself from achieving your goals. I had a client that went MIA, I was quite surprised because, since the first week of camp, I did nothing but praise her, I even moved her up to another team because she was that good. I saw how strong she was getting

every day and then suddenly, she just stopped coming. When she did return she wrote this statement in her journal.  


“Okay...I got discouraged. I am SO hard on myself that I walk away from things I’m not good at. I want the weight off me, my self-esteem is SO low. I’ve got to get out of my own way!”


Too many people get tripped up trying to make things perfect instead of just getting something done. Seeking perfection over just trying your best blocks your joy and keeps you suspended in constant disappointment mode. The problem is most people have a self-concept issue. We areour worst critics. People view themselves in a way that never lets them stop judging themselves, criticizing themselves or from harming themselves from the inside out. It can be frustrating when things take longer to manifest than we think they should. I’ve run into this many times and while there are countless reasons why things take time to manifest, and many of them may be outside of your control, sometimes those reasons come back to you, your energy and your habits. You could very well be blocking yourself from manifesting what you want without even realizing it.


I want to share some of my favorite tips with you on how to “Unblock Yourself”, however before you read them you must remind yourself that you are unique and that everyone’s journey is different. You don’t need to name it, categorize or package yourself to fit into society. Your only job is to “keep the channel open” for change and growth. Below are six ways to unblock yourself and get moving in the right direction:


1. Overcome your fear of embarrassment, failure, or success. This is a critical step primarily because fear drives so much of what we do (or don’t do). If we knew we couldn’t fail, what would we do? First picture the worst thing imaginable, the thing you’re most scared of if you were to complete your weight loss journey. This could be an embarrassment, fear of people watching you, fear of gaining the weight back, or the fear of not being the best. Then picture it happening,

develop your own coping strategies, and accept it. Once you realize that it won’t be as bad as you think it’d be, you’re free to start.


2. Be sure you’re 100% clear on what you want and write it down. The universe is your oyster, it can’t give you what you want if you don’t ask for it. My grandmother would always say, when you pray don’t ask for general things like, “Lord I want to lose weight”, be very specific, “Lord I want to lose 20 lbs., help me to fight the junk food temptations. Get clear, be specific, write it down, and tell an accountability partner.


3. Allocate “fun time” in advance of starting. One of the reasons so many people can’t get moving is because they think they’re doing something “unfun” in place of something fun. There’s a nagging feeling that instead of sacrificing my time, going through aches and pains there are a dozen things that they’d rather be doing that’s more fun. If you need excitement, join a gym like Tadda’s Fitness that’s creative, personable and has a variety of classes that will keep you motivated and excited.


4. Be honest with yourself about your habits–both your actions and your thoughts. Do they really align with what you are trying to manifest? Manifesting is a combination of intention and action. And yes, thoughts are actions too; they act on energy in a very powerful way! Be sure that when you set an intention your thoughts and actions support that intention. For example, if you say you want to improve your health but you eat a lot of fast food and don’t exercise, you are sending a very clear message to the universe that you don’t really want to improve your health. When your thoughts and actions don’t align with your intentions, it’s like saying to yourself, “I really want a burger” but then ordering a salad. You can’t be disappointed when that salad shows up because it’s what you ordered! It may be painful to admit that your habits are foiling your manifestation mojo, but the first step in changing them is to become aware of them. Then you can decide if what you want is important enough for you to adjust your thoughts and behaviors to help you get it.


5. Reduce all distractions. All of them. Distractions of any sort give you excuses to stop and require you to regain your momentum to get going again. If you really want to get something done, you’re better off setting yourself up with a distraction-free environment (cleaning out your pantry, no fast food) for a length of time long enough to get into a flow state.


6. Make sure you’re not so focused on what’s next that you’re not really present in your “now” situation. While it’s important to hold on to what we’re trying to manifest, sometimes we do it in a way that causes us to resist the current situation and fail to be present in it, which I’ve found jams up energy and drastically slows progress or keeps us stuck. So, what if the now isn’t what you want? The now already exists, so you may as well accept it and make the best of it, because that is the only way to keep your energy flowing toward what you want. You may be wondering how it’s possible to both stays focused on what you’re trying to manifest and accept your present circumstances for what they are. It’s simple (but not necessarily easy!): find a way to feel grateful for your current situation–as a stepping stone, learning experience, and appreciation of non-scale victories. Being present and grateful in your current circumstances frees up energy, which is essential for manifestation. Remember that you have the power in every moment to choose how you feel. Consistently practicing acceptance and cultivating gratitude will not only help you manifest more quickly and easily but will also make you straight up happier, which is an even better benefit in my opinion.


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