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In the Midst of this Chaos There is still Light

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In the Midst of this Chaos There is still Light




We are living in a time that no one on earth has ever seen. I go through different emotions when I reflect on this statement. Fear of the unknown, excitement for change, heartbreak for the deaths and family financial crisis, inspired to create, chaotic and grateful I have my God.

I want you to know that life is not easy for any of us right now. Every day presents an unpredictable challenge.

The world is in disorder;  shutdowns, quarantines, sports, concerts and the Olympics cancelled, store closings, curfews, children becoming homeschoolers, with parents being forced to teach, businesses closing, and an untrustworthy President. We are living in what appear to be apocalyptic times.

However, light shines in the darkest places and as children of God we shine our brightest in the midst of chaos. The most powerful moments in life often come when we find the courage to let go of what can’t be changed. When you are no longer able to alter a situation, you are challenged to transform yourself, and to grow beyond the unchangeable, that’s what changes everything.

I am grateful for the social distancing.  Quarantine for many, allows time to do things we have put off for years. One of the best things to come out of this self isolation is that it forces us to focus on and get back to loving ourselves in ways we haven’t since we were younger. 

Social distancing is forcing me to take care of myself like I did in college, when surviving day to day is all I had and all I knew to do. When I was in college, I had little to no money. Coming from a single parent home of four kids, my mother’s main goal was to make sure we could pay tuition. So, to help I did my own hair, I became a master at blow drying and curling my hair. When I needed a perm, I would get a dormmate or friend to perm my hair for me. I had a nail kit and I would push back my own cuticles and polish my finger and toe nails in whatever popping color I wanted, with red being my usual color of choice. I was forced to do my own facials and follow my own exercise routine. 

These times make us realize that we can survive off limited resources, ignoring outside influences, living without clothes, purses or whatever extraneous material things we use to chose to spend our money on. 

They are forcing us to get to know the people we live with. That sounds funny right, because we see those people every day, but now we are observing their habits, what makes them smile or break into a gut busting laugh, what foods they love and what makes them tick. We are being forced to have deep conversations and ask the hard-uncomfortable questions.

It forces us to conserve and think about our future, our health and wellbeing. It makes us think about what is truly important, i.e. people, family and preserving our world. It’s going to take courage to get through these unknown times, courage to cry and ask for help, courage to hug someone who needs it even when you’re scared to shake their hands and courage to do whats best for not only your health but the health of others. Remember, our courage doesn’t always roar aloud. Sometimes its’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering. “I will try my best again tomorrow”. So, stand strong. Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out.

These times are forcing us to find peace in the midst of chaos. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no chaos, trouble, or hard realities to deal with, Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and remain mentally, emotionally and physically centered. No Mess

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