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Scare Your Fears Away

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Scare Your Fears Away

February 7, 2020 “Scare your Fears away”

2019 was an amazing year for me!  I had several speaking engagements, performed at a Superbowl LIII event in front of hundreds, was interviewed and featured in the AJC and in Upscale magazine, started a personal training school, and made an appearance on the Power to the People TV show.  I was also in preparation to launch my first No Mess Fitness apparel line, which launched successfully January 2020 selling out within a week. This list isn’t my way of bragging, I wanted to share as examples some life events that all have one thing in common. I was SCARED out of my mind while in preparation for all of them. However, when the lights shined and it was time for action I had to suck up my fear and ACT.  These events were not going to get done unless I faced my fear.

Recently I came across this quote that definitely influenced my life: Sometimes the Fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it scared. I realized that although I have been doing these type of things for most of my life and if I’m being honest, I’ve been scared and I still get scared at times. Also honestly, I am thankful for the fear because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. By postponing or waiting until you are ready to do something, you may not ever achieve your goals and dreams.

I had desires to zip-line but have a fear of heights, I overcame that fear in Costa Rica zip-lining from the tallest canopy in the world.  I have a fear of deep water because I cannot swim, yet I always try all kinds of adventurous water sports.  I travel to other countries to experience new and exciting adventures which may be scary because I don’t know the language or the culture, but that’s the point.  I also don’t allow my fears of what people will think of me or how I will look prevent me from expressing outrageous thoughts and ideas. I bet many of us have experienced the paralyzing feeling brought on by fear, that can stand in the way of us achieving our dreams.

Throughout the years, I have developed my own recipe for overcoming fear, we all live different lives however, I am sharing because this just might work for you, too.                                           

  • Recognize your fear.

Fear is an unrealistic perception of life. We worry about things that have not happened yet and might not happen at all. My way of recognizing fear is to watch out for thoughts such as these:                                                                                                                                                                  

What if I fail?

What if I get hurt?

What if I get rejected?

What will other people think?


The moment I find myself doubting or refraining from acting, I refocus my thoughts. As soon as I realize it is fear that is holding me back, I decide to do something about it.

  • Act within 5 seconds

I’ve learned that if I get an impulse to do something and not marry the idea with an action within 5 seconds, I will pull the emergency brake and kill the idea all together. If you think too long on something it is easy to talk yourself out of it.  I remember the few moments when I should have acted when I had the chance to and chose not to. Since we cannot change the past, I have learned my lesson and I do my best not to miss out on any future opportunities. So, next time you get an impulse or an idea, no matter how far out of your comfort zone you may have to venture, act on it within 5 seconds!

  • Transform fear into excitement

The unknown will always be scary and even frightening. When I engage in a new challenge there will always be fear. Instead of focusing on the fear and all the negative consequences your imagination can possibly come up with, transform your fear into excitement. Envision the end result.

Imagine how it will feel to have accomplished your goalFeel the satisfaction and fulfillment of overcoming your fear.


Believe me, I was full of fear when I hit the publish button with my first article. Well, you wouldn’t be reading this one if “my desire to succeed was not greater than my fear of failure” 


This is my little recipe to combat fear and when I follow it, the result is success.

How about you?

What are you afraid of?

Why are you so afraid of it?

What is the worst thing that can happen?

Would you have regrets if you don’t do it?                                                                                                      

Remember that whatever recipe you follow sometimes the fear won’t go away and you’ll simply have to do it afraid! No Mess

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