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Are You The Healthiest YOU For Your Next Battle?

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Are You The Healthiest YOU For Your Next Battle?



One thing I know for sure is that we all will have to battle some type of sickness and or injury, be it minor or major, at one or many points of our lives. The outcome and length of recovery totally depends on how healthy you are going into the battle. 

On Sunday evening I returned from my vacation to Mexico. As the plane touched down I thanked God for a fun trip and safe travels. As I bid my farewell to my friends at baggage claim, I started to think of all things to I wanted to complete to prepare for my week ahead. Unpack (yes, I’m that chick that likes to unpack as soon as she returns), laundry, do staff payroll, pay some bills, return some emails and get my workouts and meals ready for the week. A busy day ahead to say the least.

As I arrived at my home, I thanked God again for keeping my home safe and sound. As I brought in my bags I started to feel light headed. I found that strange, so I drank a full glass of water, shook it off and kept trying to complete my to do list. My stomach started to rumble and my first episode of the runs began. I then prioritized what I had to get done which was payroll just in case the I started to feel worse. Payroll normally takes me about 2 hours, including the personal handwritten notes to all of my Team Tadda, which amounts to 18 letters. Well, to my dismay, in between each note I was running back and forth to the bathroom. I know those notes were probably sloppy... however, as they say it’s the thought that counts. As I was finishing payroll the vomiting started. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night. I was hugging the toilet on one end vomiting into a garbage can on the other, at the same time. It was so bad that if I moved any muscle, I would get a cramp. The worst was during one vomiting spell, I got a huge charley horse in my stomach muscles. As I vomited tears were flowing down my cheeks mixing with the sweat from my forehead, I knew then I was becoming severely dehydrated. 

4 AM was approaching on my clock I knew I had to get myself together to get the 5AM session going and then my plan was to go to the hospital. I mustered up all the strength I had to get dressed. I had the biggest pad on because the runs would not stop. As clients started to arrive, I was sitting in the trunk of my truck on a towel giving them hugs and the best smile I could. I checked a few nutritional meal plan books and counseled on ways to improve. One client shared with me how excited she was that her doctor lowered her blood pressure pills. I took a pic of her testimony to remember to share for later. As Sherry and Sabrina arrived, they noticed I looked like crap and immediately was like stop and go to the hospital now. We got this. 

I drove to the hospital I had blood drawn, urine and stool samples obtained. I received 3 liters of IV fluid, nausea, pain, stomach medication as well as antibiotics. My magnesium was extremely low secondary to all the electrolytes I lost with the vomiting and diarrhea hence the severe cramping, so I received some IV magnesium. With my past medical history, I along with the doctor were concerned of my small bowel obstructions (SBO) so they ordered an abdominal CT-Scan in which I had to drink a lot of contrast while being nauseated. That was the worst. 

After several hours, my Ct-Scan just showed no signs of SBO however they did see my hernia that they were not concerned about. Thank God

As I started to feel a little better, I was discharged with Travelers Diarrhea and sent home on 3 days of antibiotics. I rested the remainder of Monday. I slept in on Tuesday morning and was feeling good enough to just show up on Tuesday night at the gym. I Gatoraded myself to death along with soups and crackers. 

My dear friend Bruce called me on Tuesday to check up on me and said you aren’t working out this week right? I was like no I’ll be on stage tomorrow. I said I’m not feeling my best and I will take it easy. He said, “Oh boy I know what that means, we’re not going to catch a break because your easy day is most people’s hardest day”. We laughed and come Wednesday morning I hit the stage. I was excited to be back. I felt better than I had in a few days and I started my workout. As soon as the warm up started I heard lots of people say, who was sick? New clients that don’t know me yet, we’re puzzled because just 1 1/2 days before I was lying in a hospital. 

Many people were concerned of how I caught this virus. I wasn’t, I am very aware some of the dangers of traveling abroad. Someone asked will I go to Mexico again...my reply was of course in a heartbeat. My concern was not how I caught it but how quick can I recover from it. 

I thank God for a strong immune system and for being healthy going into this battle. I know for sure that what I just went through would’ve hospitalized most longer, would have put most people out of commission for a week to a month and they definitely would not have done 3 workout sessions that soon. So, I’m grateful that my quick bounce back is a reflection of my lifestyle...No Mess! 

I urge you to get into the best shape of your life, stay in the best shape of your life because you never know what creepy virus or unforeseen injury is lurking behind the next corner or vacation.  Can I Get It? No Mess

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