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Prepare for the Unknown

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Prepare for the Unknown


Prepare for the Unknown

Happy RunDay Monday is how I start my weekly videos, and I often talk about my hills. However, this week I talked about the unknown area on our run route. The unknown area is where many of my clients find themselves. It’s that place where they don’t know why they start to slow down, why they walk longer than usual, and it is usually at this is point where many clients will question why they are even running. The incline is the area where these feelings take place. The area you can’t see coming but you truly feel it when you hit it. The feeling is uncomfortable, it increases your heart rate and takes your breath away. The incline truly gets you out of your comfort zone because it takes you by surprise. In order to reach any pinnacle in life you must endure the inclines, the problem is many people don’t know how to prepare for the unknown.


When we start our runs we always start on flat ground, this is the confidence booster. A chance to listen to our body, see what is tight and aching and ease into our stride. After running for just a short while we encounter our first big hill. This is where most clients mentally prepare themselves for the worst. Many of my novice runners will slow their pace or even “try” to walk my hill until they see me or hear me yell, “Give me my hill” or “no walking on my hill”. Experienced runners will lean into the hill, not hunching their backs, with chest open, looking 30 meters ahead, lifting their knees and pumping their arms knowing, that for a short time if they will push hard up the hill, they will feel victory in conquering the hill.

The problem comes when you hit the unknown areas of your life. You can’t see the change, there is no forewarning and before you know it you are in the thick of it feeling exhausted. If we could predict the twist and turns in life, we’d never be caught off guard by the unknown. But things like cancer, death or a sudden job loss are often beyond our control, and we are thrown into an unknown world with little or no warning. Now, whether we land on our butts or feet is something we can control.

Every journey begins with taking baby steps. As a trainer I will tell you how to breathe, correct your form, and suggest the best clothes and shoes to wear for running. You will feel awkward at first however, you must learn to be patient while getting stronger both mentally and physically.


Tips on dealing with the unknown:

  • Make each small step concrete. Mountains are climbed one step at a time, not by giant leaps.
  • Locate the smaller problems within the larger situation. We are less likely to feel out of control if we can tackle individual smaller issues.
  • Uncover your weaknesses, they are as important as knowing your strengths.
  • Instead of training for the day, for a 6-week bootcamp, train for LIFE! With enough training, you will know yourself well enough to predict how you’ll react when confronted with an incline or crisis in life.
  • Acknowledge each accomplishment big or small and savor them before moving on to the next. That is why people who climb a mountain or run up the Rocky stairs celebrate making it to the top, with hands held high or a loud yell.

People who embrace the unknown have a great capacity for facing challenges. They foster and develop resources, mental skills and physical capabilities to handle the unknown. We can’t always control what happens to us. But we can control how we react. More importantly, you can prepare for the unknown and lean in to it! No Mess

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