About Pam Wirsiy

For the last 5 or so years I always start the month of December off with a positive fitness tips to keep you motivated through the holiday season. This year I’m changing it up because as I was introducing my trainer Pamela ZumbaPrincess Moolenaar-Wirsiy to the stage this morning. I was going on and on about her accolades and it made me think to celebrate my Team Tadda. I know I’ve been blessed with the best trainers in Atlanta and now it’s time for you to understand why.

Pam is the longest trainer to have been teaching at TFC, 7 years. She’s never left always hitting the stage with 110% high energy and always smiling. She’s brought all forms of Zumba, Piloxing and band work to TFC.

As a client first, she struggled with a sweet tooth like many people do. She learned to do bite size instead of overindulging. She didn’t like running however she embraced it and ended up running an impressive 17 min on our 2 mile hilly course. Her name is now engraved on our wall of fame as TFC’s Most Fit.

Now many people complain they don’t have time for fitness. I hope once you read this you will find time.

On top staying dedicated to TFC all of these years. Pam has been married for 22 years with 8 children. You will often see some or all of them including her husband Gideon in her Zumba class. 5 of her children have graduated from college, bachelors, masters and doctorate. Her daughter Amulen ZumbaBaby Wirsiy (Nisha) started teaching at TFC when she was 15 years old. She’s now a senior at Kennesaw State University. The twins are in high school and they are just a joy to see growing up right before my eyes.

If being a wife and a mother is not enough. Dr. Pamela ZumbaPrincess Moolenaar-Wirsiy is the Campus Dean at Perimeter College, Georgia State University, Clarkston campus.

I’ve watched Pam get promotion after promotion over the years and I must say well deserved. With such a busy life and hectic schedule Pam has never lost sight that health and fitness has to be a priority in her life.

So…now you can see why my trainers at Tadda’s Fitness Center are among the elite. If you want to be trained by the best join TFC today.

Pam you inspire me, I adore you, I celebrate you and I’m grateful to call you my trainer but more importantly my friend. I love you, you are truly a phenomenal woman. No Mess

Certifications- Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao