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  • “Quick Fix” Syndrome

    Can I get it, Get it, Get it? Today is another day to get better. Often when we are focusing on improvement, we start EXTREMELY motivated. We don’t miss workouts, we eat clean, and we do all the right things to ensure success. Progress is going well, we’re doing awesome. Then suddenly… That initial energy and enthusiasm fizzle out. Usually, we are SO focused on the outcome and end result that we get frustrated all together when we don’t reach our goal immediately, no matter the amount of progress nor the number of successes we’ve achieved. More often than not, we would all LOVE overnight results. I call this ....

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  • Age Healthier & Live Happier

    Age Healthier & Live Happier

    TFC has done it again. Were bringing a new wellness service to TFC for men and women. Introducing BioTe!! BioTe , pellets are an excellent option for hormone replacement therapy, with little to no side effects. Utilizing the same chemical structure as your own hormones BioTe’spellets absorb into your body easily. Dr. Monica & I are not only a BioTe providers, we are patients as well. I suffered from hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, trouble sleeping and more. I am almost 4 weeks into my treatment and my hot flashes stopped immediately. I was so grateful for that! My concentration is improving and I am not forgetting things as much. My energy ....

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  • Stop sabotaging your diet on the weekend!

    January 29, 2021 “Stop sabotaging your diet on the weekend” Are you the type of person that lives for the weekend? You wake up Friday morning screaming TGIF! You exercise so hard and eat healthy all week and once the weekend comes your hard work all goes out the window? Well this article is just for you. After a hard week at work, most of us are keen to spend our weekend relaxing and indulging in the things we love because we say,” I deserve this” and we seem to treat ourselves with our favorite food and snacks. However it is no surprise that a weekend of bingeing can have disastrous effects on our attempts to lose weight. But whilst we ....

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  • Normalize I’m willing to work on it” instead of “that’s just how I am"

    Normalize I’m willing to work on it” instead of “that’s just how I am"

    Hello All, I have returned to Tadda’s Fitness post-surgery, I am still recovering so I am not working out. However I stay busy providing all of our wellness services to our clients; IV therapy, Vitamin B12 injections, Blood type testing, and cholesterol testing to name a few. I am also consulting with clients about their blood lab work, body scans and meal planning. These are a few of the comment’s clients have shared with me: As I was performing an A1c (diabetic) test on a client, she starts to pre-warn me as the timer is counting down to the results that “it’s going to be high, that’s just how I am”. I asked her when she was diagnosed with ....

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  • Treat your body better and it will treat you better!

    Treat your body better and it will treat you better!

    Treat others as you would like for them to treat you is how I try to live my life. Just imagine if we begin to treat our bodies with the same reverence. Really great things will begin to happen for you. You will become more aware of what you eat and drink; you will notice how you breathe; and perhaps, most importantly, you will develop the capacity for self-love and positive body image. During one bootcamp while running our outdoor workout Street Olympics, one of my clients kept stopping because she was feeling nauseated. When I asked her if she was okay, she said, “I will be okay, I know what I did, and I have to stop treating my body like that”. Another client stated ....

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  • Challenges are Blessings!

    Challenges are Blessings!

    Have you ever noticed how often the challenges we face also contains a blessing in disguise? If not, perhaps you haven’t been looking closely enough! As I reminisce over 2020 all I can say is “what a year!”. I sold my home of 17 years, moved into the city while grieving over my 98-year-old No Mess Granny’s death. Covid 19 hit and the world went on a pandemic shut down. As a business owner I was grieving in another way. I felt totally loss, before any SBA loan, I was stressing about how I was going to keep TFC afloat. My adenomyosis was getting worse. It was becoming unbearable, the excessive bleeding was leaving me fatigued and anemic. ....

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  • How I Beat Depression

    How I Beat Depression

    As an emergency medicine nurse, I often took care of patients thatwere battling depression. I also nursed many suicidal patients,most of those attempts were cries for help. Unfortunately, several patients succeeded in committing suicide. As a child Iwitnessed a cousin, the mother of a childhood friend and aneighbor all have nervous breakdowns. I found that in ourcommunity it was taboo to talk openly about depression andmental illness. This is sad, because there is not a person alive thathas not experienced depression in some way shape or form. The Scientific American reports up to 3 in 10 of adult Americans suffer from depression. However, on a positive note, they also report that ....

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  • Hibernation Season is upon us…Stay out of the cave!

    It’s too cold to work out, it gets dark too early, my body doesn’t function in the cold weather…these are just a few of the conversations I hear during this time of the year. News Flash: Sickness or death does not have a season! You must workout and eat healthy ALL year long…remember summer bodies are made in the winter. It’s easy to be active in the warmer months. The warmer months make it easy for walking, hiking, swimming and riding your bike. However, during the cold winter months, it’s easy to fall prey to “exercise hibernation.” Unfortunately, cold weather can discourage even the most motivated exercisers. If you're not ....

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  • Don’t put Unleaded Fuel in a Premium Tank!

    Don’t put Unleaded Fuel in a Premium Tank!

    My days are usually planned out. If I know I will be out for a while I pack a lunch or snacks to get me by. On one particular day, I had a lot of meetings and appointments that lasted longer than I had expected. I was in a food desert part of town, with no great healthy restaurant choices. I was starving and needed to eat before I hurt someone. LOL I stumbled across a place that sold fish. I asked if they could grill the fish, I believe they were laughing at me behind their masks. They stated, we only fry here ma’am. I asked if they had any vegetables, they, probably laughed at me again and replied no! So, I walked away with fried fish, french fries and water. I ....

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  • What Gear Are You In?

    What Gear Are You In?

    "What gear are you in?" You know how they say your dreams can give you guidance. Well mine did this week because I was dreaming about cars. That was strange because I am not really a car fanatic so I guess it must mean that someone I know is getting a new car…maybe. :) If not it gave me a great idea for a topic this week. I started thinking about how I could relate cars to fitness and came up with a great question. What gear are you in? That's right just like a car we are set in motion at different stages or gears. In DRIVE we are moving forward with our fitness goals by exercising and eating right. We sometimes even switch to overdrive to increase our ....

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