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  • Let go of your PAST & get FIT!

    Let go of your PAST & get FIT Halloween was last week, but some are you are still being haunted…by your past. If that’s the case then this article is for you, but only if you want to be free. If you want to know the full opportunities life has to offer you, then continuing reading. The joy you will experience when you make peace with your past, will bring you results tenfold and you will wonder, why you held on to the past for so long. As you are probably aware, sometimes events from the past take up space in your head as if they occurred just yesterday. Memories keep recirculating in you mind when all you want is for them to disappear. ....

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  • The Best and Worst Candy to Eat

    The Best and Worst Candy to Eat

    November 1, 2019 “The Best & Worst Candy to Eat!” We had an absolute blast at Tadda’s Fitness on Halloween. The HalloLEAN Workout was truly one of a kind. While I was working the parents out, the kids, our Tadda Wadda’s, were having a Halloween party. Many kids and parents were surprised to see pizza, chips, cupcakes and lots of candy for the kids. Yes, I have a soft heart for holidays, although I believe in eating things in moderation on those days. One day of bad snacking is not going to make you unhealthy just like one day of eating right isn’t going to make you lose weight and come off medication. You must be consistent in both cases to see ....

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  • Don't Cheat Yourself

    Don't Cheat Yourself

    Imagine all the emotions you would feel if the love of your life cheated on you....Let that sink in for a second. Would you cry, be ready to fight, retaliate or crawl under a rock, or all of the above? When this happened to me I was extremely hurt, I felt disrespected, neglected and made a fool of. I also felt I didn’t have to stand for that and that I should be treated better. You want to know when you are in a relationship that the love of your life is committed to you and ONLY you, correct? However on a regular basis you won’t commit to yourself, to a healthier lifestyle and a more fit you. It’s a shame how we consistently cheat on ourselves. How ....

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  • Fall Into Fitness


    It’s time to FALL INTO FITNESS! What better way than with a challenge. This will be our second time doing this challenge. Most challenges are how many steps you do, calories you burn or who loses the most weight. This challenge is so simple...whoever attends the most classes in the month of November will win $500 CASH.
    Who is this for:
    Every TFC member, NEW clients or anyone wanting a jumpstart their fitness and get in the best shape of their life. Benefits:
    If you come more often you will lose weight, calories and feel healthier. BONUS-You will continue to accumulate TFC reward points. WOW! What classes count:
    ALL CLASSES OFFERED AT TFC! Bootcamp (join ....

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  • Don’t wait until you're sick

    Don’t wait until you're sick

    “Don’t wait until you're sick”
    Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear. ~Hippocrates’ There are grave truths behind Hippocrates’ quote and the majority never hear or think about them until it’s too late. While going over one of my client’s nutritional meal plan this week, she was disappointed to see that I had not “given” her a smiley face since bootcamp had started. For those not in the know, a smiley face means a person is eating balanced meals and healthy snacks, every ....

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  • You are probably S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    You are probably S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    “You are probably S.A.D”

    I haven’t been feeling myself lately and I don’t know why. I can’t seem to get motivated, I cry for no reason, lack energy no matter what I try, feel stressed out but I don’t have any reason to be stressed. I feel Blah, not able to get enough sleep and it takes everything in me to get out of bed. What is wrong with me? Do you feel like this? Well you are not alone. You are S.A.D! At the beginning of each bootcamp I can usually feel the excitement in the air. It is filled with high energy and laughter. The new clients arrive nervous but excited about embarking on their fitness journeys. Returning clients get a ....

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  • Show Me..Don’t Tell Me!

    Show Me..Don’t Tell Me!

    Show Me..Don’t Tell Me!
    I find that people have difficulty being consistent with their Fitness and healthy eating routines. As the end of this bootcamp nears, I keep hearing people say, Miss Tadda I am going to do better, I am going to bring my nutritional meal plan book in, and day after day, no book and now they are coming in later and later or not showing up for days. I think I might have hurt one client’s feelings because he’s been saying this week after week, and I said show me and stop telling me. He said, you don’t believe me, I stated ‘People can tell you all day who they are however, who they really are always shows in their ....

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  • Remember the First Time?

    Remember the First Time?

    September 13, 2019 “Remember the First Time” This morning several clients were mumbling, “Where is everybody?”. The 5 AM bootcamp attendance is usually packed, yet this morning there was plenty of extra room on the turf to exercise. I laughed, as did some of my longtime clients, like the Hudson’s, who said it’s getting towards the end of bootcamp. During the last two weeks of the bootcamp many clients start to come in late, don’t bring their meal plan booklets or worse, stop coming all together. Why you ask? The excitement of the first time is fading. In life there are many first-time events that offer much promise and excitement. ....

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  • What are you willing to do to get fit?

    What are you willing to do to get fit?

    If there were a magic pill then everyone would be superfine like we see it in our minds. But since it is not, the only thing that is proven the test of time to getting superfine is eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest. One of my clients wrote in her journal this week. It’s time for me to get serious about my health and stop all this yo-yo dieting. Another client said, “This is the first time in my life that I have worked out a consecutive 5 days without quitting”.We all have a story we can journal about when it comes to health and fitness, the question is, “What are you willing to do to get fit?” Are you willing to put your health at ....

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  • Are You The Healthiest YOU For Your Next Battle?

    Are You The Healthiest YOU For Your Next Battle?

    One thing I know for sure is that we all will have to battle some type of sickness and or injury, be it minor or major, at one or many points of our lives. The outcome and length of recovery totally depends on how healthy you are going into the battle. On Sunday evening I returned from my vacation to Mexico. As the plane touched down I thanked God for a fun trip and safe travels. As I bid my farewell to my friends at baggage claim, I started to think of all things to I wanted to complete to prepare for my week ahead. Unpack (yes, I’m that chick that likes to unpack as soon as she returns), laundry, do staff payroll, pay some bills, return some emails ....

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