• Tadda's Fitness Center

    Tadda_pic_inset_2Tadda’s Fitness Center (TFC) is your one stop fully comprehensive fitness and nutritional headquarters!  Our Fitness Camp is 6 weeks of intense, fat burning, muscle building fun!  We offer B12 shots as well as physical and medical evaluations for all of our clients.   TFC provides in house showers and a delicious smoothie bar for your convenience.  Join us and start your journey to complete holistic physical fitness lifestyle!  Live your life to the fullest!


Why Join Taddas?

  • Nutritional Support!

    TFC will provide you with a road map to support your physical as well as your nutritional goals!

  • We Are Family!

    One of the primary reasons why most people quit working out is because they have no support system!

  • CPR Training

    A Registered Nurse for 16+ years, Tadda will teach you how to make a difference through CPR training!

  • Tadda’s Run Club

    Let’s hit the ground running! This elite group is not for the faint of heart! Join the Pack.