The Fit3D ProScanner is the most accurate body scanning technology on the market. One-user operated, 98% accurate and provides consistent, measurable 3D body scans to keep gym members and fitness goers on track to achieving their goals. Fit3D enables the user to keep track of all measurements and clearly see and compare their results scan by scan with their 3D avatar.


Fit 3d Scanner

This scanner uses a depth camera, which uses noninvasive, near-infrared light and a standard image sensor moves up and down while you are being scanned.Information is uploaded to the Fit3D website and an email  is sent to you encouraging you to log in and review the results.

Track Your Progress

Watch your progress.  Understand how your efforts affect the outcome and adjust your fitness plan  accordingly. 3D body scans will document your transition, confirm symmetry and can even track pregnancy.  Track your Transition:  It starts with a “before” scan and sticking to your plan.  Regular scans allow you to see results that the bathroom scale can’t.  These scans can help you refine your plan and give you motivation when you see the difference in your avatar.Confirm symmetry: Watch your progress carefully.  Understand how your efforts affect the  outcome.  And then adjust your fitness  plans accordingly.Track pregnancy: Scans can give you and your doctor information about your weight gain.   These avatars might turn into memories  years from now.Sometimes scales do not tell the whole truth!

Put your scale in its place

Always remember that the scale is ONE data point to consider in your fitness plan and frequently can be de-motivating when it isn’t budging.  Scanning gives you more  information on how your body is responding to your efforts.  Make decisions on your  scan results not the scale numberScans gives you lots more data to analyze.

FIT3D Website

The Fit3D website allows for scan comparisons,  reviewing trends and analyzing reports to confirm  that your efforts are producing results.Your data is private.  You review and make your own decisions.  

Ready for Your Scan

You can come in to Tadda’s Fitness anytime during normal business hours to get a scan.  

COST: $35