• CPR Training

    Tadda has been a registered nurse for the last 16 years. I have been teaching CPR thru the American Heart Association for the last 10 years as a Basic Life Support Instructor and now I am bringing it to Tadda’s Fitness Center. I want everyone to be trained in CPR, whether you are a layperson or a healthcare professional, you can make a difference in a person’s life.

    Life is busy so TFC-CPR will conduct classes in a professional, effective, and stress free manner. That means if you have never had CPR training before we will patiently walk you through the process. But if you have kept your skills current, we also provide an accelerated course. All TFC-CPR instructors are American Heart Association (AHA) certified and fully accredited and insured in GA. Our CPR course certificate is valid for 2 full years.

    Classes are offered:

    • In-Studio training
    • Corporation/Business
    • Private Groups
    • Community Groups
    • Hospital Organizations
    • Schools

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