Warming up an old car is much like warming up a body

  “Warming up an old car is much like warming up a body” This winter season is truly showing Georgians what being cold to the bone really means. Yesterday after being outside for the 5AM and 7AM bootcamp sessions in 30-degree weather it was time for me to train with my personal trainer. It was […]


Have a No Mess Year

January 12, 2018 “Have a NO MESS Year” Happy No Mess New Year. The New Year means nothing if your mind is still boxed up in its comfort zone. During our Thursday circuit training session, I kept saying “Get your mind right”. I could tell by looking at many of my client’s faces as I […]


It’s happening whether you see it or not

I really enjoyed watching all the different eclipse celebrations on social media as millions of Americans witnessed history when a total solar eclipse, exclusive to the U.S., swept across the country from coast to coast for the first time shrouding states in sudden darkness. What I loved most was seeing so many people gathered outside […]


For the Rest of Your Life

I had an “aha” moment this week while speaking to a boot camp client that had been gone for several years and stated, “I had to come back to the only place that truly educates on a lifestyle change and not quick weight loss. I wasn’t ready to learn and apply then; however, I am […]