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Change your plate lose the weight!

Back in 2003 my mother purchased a new set of plates that she was excited about. She couldn’t wait to serve her first home cooked meal on them. After cleaning them thoroughly she went to place them in the cabinet and to her surprise they wouldn’t fit. You see, she lived in an home built […]



per·se·ver·ance/ˌpərsəˈvirəns/noun persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Without typing another word this is Tadda’s Fitness Center! From the trainers and staff being at TFC year after year, bootcamp after bootcamp, and class after class. To the clients that adjust their schedules…their lives to give it their all. I applaud each […]


Reclaim Your Time

No matter your race, age or gender there is one thing that we all have the equal amount of and that is TIME! The only thing bad about time is that time waits for no one. There isn’t a handbook or class to teach you how to use each second, minute or hour. You have […]


Bad Habits are Hard to Break!

If you know something’s bad for you, why can’t you just stop? Almost every person I know that are smokers say they would like to quit. Drug and alcohol abusers struggle to give up addictions that hurt their bodies and tear apart families and friendships. And many of us have unhealthy excess weight that we […]


Take A Look At Yourself

As we enter the midpoint of the bootcamp, midpoint of the year, midpoint of your life, Self-Reflection is POWERFUL! If I had to choose only one tip to give someone wanting to develop themselves and become better at whatever they are doing, would be to practice a lot of self-reflection. I love this quote by […]