Ricky Henderson

I like to introduce Ricky to the clients as “the quiet storm.” He’s not a man of many words when he hits the stage however his workouts are a beast and speak volumes. For 5 1/2 years Ricky has been teaching at TFC. Ricky is the creator of one of our most popular class called […]

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Sonni Green

Sonni Green Sonni joined TFC like many other men do, “to support their wives”. Sonni actually told me that he’s already a runner and that the bootcamp won’t help him much. Sonni was humbled quickly when much older woman were running past him with ease. Oh and I guess the 30 LBs he lost wasn’t […]

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Sherry Grayer

Sherry is our glue. When a split decision needs to be made, she’s the deciding factor. She’s VERY organized. She manages our amazing cafe’ and does all the scheduling for TFC as well as nutritional counseling and grocery shopping tours. I can affectionately say she’s the momma of the crew. When Sherry was a client. […]

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