About Chloe Jones

Affectionately known as Smiley, Chloe has a heart and spirit to match. Quiet spoken, smile always present however a beast of a workout to follow. From the time I met Chloe she’s always been a planner, she’s constantly learning how to improve herself not only physically but spiritually as well.

When Chloe was a client she was a very hard worker. She wanted to master everything. She was a human sponge always ready to learn. Chloe of course is on our Wall of Fame as our “Most Fit” and is also in our “Hall of Fame” holding the record for the second fastest run for females in the history of TFC. She ran a 15 minute on our 2 mile hilly course.

Chloe became a trainer at TFC 4 years ago. She is so passionate about training children that she brought “Kids Fit” to TFC as well as personal training.

Chloe played collegiate basketball and has won a few championships under her belt.

Chloe has a Bachelors in business management and a Masters in sports management.

Chloe you have such a beautiful soul. The sky is not big enough for wings, flap them anyway. I’m super proud of you. Love you. No Mess

Certifications- Youth Fitness Specialist, Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. Still working on the Nasm Personal Training.
Things I enjoy: working out, playing basketball, reading, learning, traveling, eating, and spending time with love ones.